Smart Backplane Chassis

July 5, 2019
The Smart Backplane chassis (KAM/CSB/12U) is a rugged 12-user slot chassis that has been designed specifically with space-related data acquisition, data processing and recording in mind. Its smart radiation-hardened backplane design allows the use of 100+ plug-in COTS modules in a radiation-intensive environment without the need for those modules to have any in-built radiation protection. In the event of a Single Event Latch-Ups (SEL) on a module, the backplane detects this phenomenon and resets the operation of the module. This operation ensures that the potential harmful effects of ionizing radiation (module electronic circuit malfunction) are eliminated.The backplane design provides the ability to individually switch on and off chosen modules in the chassis, thereby helping to minimize the power requirements of the unit at any one time during different phases of a spacecraft mission.The backplane provides continuous health status information to the on-board mission computer as well as a watchdogging capability (e.g. in case a SEL is detected or if the unit temperature exceeds a pre-defined value).