Embedded vision kit targets Raspberry PI development

Oct. 22, 2020

The Raspi CM VC MIPI Embedded Vision Kit for the Raspberry PI Compute Module 3 or 3+ enables setup of embedded vision systems. The Raspi CM inserts into the VC CMI Board, which features a VC MIPI camera, including a software driver, flexible printed circuit VC MIPI cable, and an S-Mount/M12 lens holder. It uses an OmniVision 1 MPixel OV9281 global shutter sensor capable of120 fps.

The board has an SD card, GigE and USB interfaces, trigger input and flash trigger output, digital interfaces, a display output and sockets for two MIPI camera modules for optional stereo vision applications. An integrated FPGA enables adjustments of image acquisition and trigger functionality.


To Learn More:

Contact: Vision Components
Headquarters: Ettlingen, Germany
Product: Raspi CM VC MIPI Embedded Vision Kit
Key Features: SD card, GigE and USB interfaces, I/O for two MIPI camera modules, integrated FPGA, camera with OV9281 image sensor.

What Vision Components says:
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