Benchmarking vs. Benchmarketing: Why Should You Care?

May 19, 2021
Felix Baum, Director of Product Management at Qualcomm, presents the “Benchmarking vs. Benchmarketing: Why Should You Care?” tutorial at the September 2020 Embedded Vision Summit.

Qualcomm is determined to provide best in class AI hardware solutions, enabling companies to leverage AI acceleration in their products. But how can developers know what is the best hardware for their models? Comparing AI hardware is not as simple as it might seem; there are many caveats that need to be considered, such as INT8 and floating-point benefits, how commercial benchmarks are structured and what is the hardware optimized for.

Qualcomm chips score at the top of commercial benchmarks. Nonetheless, the company is devoted to enlightening its partners and developers about what is the best solution for their specific needs. In this talk you will learn about some of the most common ways of comparing AI hardware and what you need to consider in order to make an accurate assessment.

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