Embedded AI vision development kit includes rich software platform and toolkit

Sept. 15, 2021
The kit supports up to two VC MIPI camera modules.

The Maivin i.MX 8M Plus AI Vision Kit, designed for embedded vision prototyping, is based on a Toradex Verdin i.MX 8M Plus SoM and carrier board designed by AU-Zone and accommodates up to two VC MIPI camera modules. It also features a neural network processor unit and integrated image signal processor.

Drivers from Vision Components are integrated into Toradex’s software platform TorizonCore, providing access to the image signal processor, enabling advanced image preprocessing. The software platform also includes comprehensive neutral network frameworks, over-the-air updates, and security features.

AU-Zone’s DeepView toolkit, also included, adds out-of-the-box machine learning demos for object recognition, classification, and tracking that may be customized for AI models and datasets.


To Learn More:

Contact: Vision Components
Headquarters: Ettlingen, Germany
Product: Maivin i.MX 8M Plus AI Vision Kit
Key Features: Toradex Verdin i.MX 8M Plus SoM, AU-Zone carrier board, TorizonCore software platform, AU-Zone’s DeepView toolkit.

What Vision Components says:
View more information on the Maivin i.MX 8M Plus AI Vision Kit.

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