Embedded Vision Summit in Person for the First Time Since 2019

May 5, 2022
One way to navigate what embedded vision is and what is available to implement it is attending the Embedded Vision Summit. Back in person for 2022, it takes place from May 16 to May 19, 2022 at the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center.

Nailing down a definition for “embedded vision” is not an easy task as it can mean different things to different people. One way to navigate what embedded vision is and what is available to implement it is attending the Embedded Vision Summit. Back in person for 2022, it takes place from May 16 to May 19, 2022 at the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center. The event is operated by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, a 118-company worldwide industry partnership operated by Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (BDTI). Launched in 2012, the Summit focuses on empowering product creators to bring perceptual intelligence to products. This year’s Summit is expected to attract more than 1,000 innovators and feature more than 90 expert speakers and more than 60 exhibitors across four days of presentations, exhibits and deep-dive sessions.

The Summit addresses many trends during multiple presentation. The most significant, according to Brian Dipert, senior analyst, BDTI, is “he tremendous increase in performance and efficiency for embedded vision applications coming not just from processor architecture evolution and revolution but also innovations in algorithms and tools—the combination of which is multiplicative in its improvement effect.” Phil Lapsley, Edge AI and Vision Alliance adds that another important trend in this market is the democratization of edge AI by simplifying development through off-the-shelf models, raising the level of abstraction, etc. as well as, “more robust and simplified deployment at scale through MLops techniques and tools, etc.,” he says. Additionally, another trend to be addressed during the Summit will be increased industry attention to the reliability and trustworthiness of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Highlights of this year’s program include:

  • Keynote speaker: Prof. Ryad Benosman of University of Pittsburgh and the CMU Robotics Institute will speak on “Event-based Neuromorphic Perception and Computation: The Future of Sensing and AI”.
  • General session speakers include:
    • Zach Shelby, co-founder and CEO of Edge Impulse, speaking on “How Do We Enable Edge ML Everywhere? Data, Reliability, and Silicon Flexibility”.
    • Ziad Asghar, vice president of product management at Qualcomm, speaking on “Powering the Connected Intelligent Edge and the Future of On-Device AI”.
  • More than 90 sessions across four tracks: Fundamentals, Technical Insights, Business Insights, and Enabling Technologies.
  • More than 60 exhibitors including Premier Sponsors Edge Impulse and Qualcomm; Platinum Sponsors FlexLogix and Intel; and Gold Sponsors Arm, Arrow, Avnet, BDTi, City of Oulu, Cadence, Hailo, Lattice, Luxonis, Network Optics, Nota, Perceive, STMicroelectronics, Synaptics, and AMD Xilinx
  • Deep Dive Sessions, a first-time addition to the event, offering opportunities to explore cutting-edge topics in-depth presented by Edge Impulse, Qualcomm, Intel, and Synopsys. Each Deep Dive will be focused on a specific topic in visual AI at the edge.

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance™ recently announced the finalists for its Vision Tank Start-Up Competition, the Alliance’s annual competition that showcases the best new ventures using computer vision and visual AI in their products. The five finalists are:

Hummingbirds AI

Hummingbirds AI is an award-winning computer vision hub, creating privacy-first solutions for security and efficiency of enterprises, including GuacamoleID, a “FaceID for computers.” As a cloud-independent app, it’s an on-device authentication tool using video-based biometrics for authenticating workers or customers. https://hummingbirds.ai


linedanceAI Movality is a software solution for movement quality records for outpatient musculoskeletal providers who work with patients recovering from accidents or injuries. Movality transforms provider observations into explainable and actionable data-backed assessments to increase both practice and course of care retention through boosting patient understanding. https://www.linedanceai.com/


Oculi is putting the “human eye” in AI. After decades of limited evolution, Oculi has charted the path to optimal machine vision starting with the OCULI SPU, the only Software-Defined Vision Sensor on a single chip that delivers actionable data with up to 30x improvement in the fundamental power-latency trade off. https://www.oculi.ai


Qlairvoyance is an AI platform for radar sensors that enables applications to take advantage of “x-ray visual intelligence”: sensing intelligence that is extracted beyond the field of view, privacy preserving, and agnostic to lighting conditions. Use cases include detection and tracking of people and concealed items. https://qlairvoyance.com

Tempo Analytics

Tempo Analytics provides business analytics solutions using state of the art advancements in machine vision and machine learning. Tempo specializes in the fast food industry, providing solutions for the accurate estimation of speed of service, identification of congestion areas, and behavioral analysis. https://tempo-analytics.ai/

Speaking about the Summit, Lapsley says, “We’re delighted to be back in person for the first time since 2019. It’s shaping up to be a record breaker across multiple measurement metrics.” Dipert adds, The breadth and depth of edge AI and vision is just amazing.”

For a listing of presentations, visit: https://embeddedvisionsummit.com/schedule/. An exhibitor directory is available at: https://embeddedvisionsummit.com/exhibitor-directory/. Information on the Deep Dive Days is available at: https://embeddedvisionsummit.com/deep-dive-days/. Visit https://embeddedvisionsummit.com/ for general show information and registration information.

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