FPGA Features Quad-Core RISC-V Processor

Aug. 4, 2022

The Efinix® Titanium Ti180 FPGA is a 180K logic element device that features 2.5G MIPI interfaces and is designed to address the growing need for higher resolution, and higher bit depth sensors designed to maximize accuracy in AI and ML applications. The Ti180 features a hardened LPDDR4 interface and a Linux-capable quad-core RISC-V processor, making the Ti180 a suitable platform for embedded compute applications where high-speed access to large amounts of local storage is paramount. A low-power version of the Ti180 is also available without the LPDDR4 interface for applications where power consumption is the primary constraint.

To Learn More:

Contact: Efinix
Headquarters: Cupertino, CA, USA
Product: Ti180 FPGA
Key Features: LPDDR4 interface; Linux-capable quad-core RISC-V processor; 2.5G MIPI interface.

What Efinix says:
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