Embedded Vision Evaluation Kit

Oct. 5, 2022
The kit includes NVIDIA Xavier NX processor module with Auvidea JNX30 carrier board.

Matrix Vision has released an evaluation kit for embedded machine vision applications. Components include a 5 MPixel mvBlueNAOS camera, platform-independent PCI Express interface, NVIDIA Xavier NX processor module with Auvidea JNX30 carrier board, cables and adapters, industrial camera lens, pre-installed mvIMPACT Acquire SDK. The mvBlueNAOS cameras support camera-based color processing (ISP) with a net data rate up to 1600  Mbps. Gen|Cam-compatible software support ensures compatibility with existing image processing programs. The evaluation kit is available now under the designation MV-BN2-5M-C-NVIDIA-NX16-EKIT.

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Headquarters: Oppenweiler, Germany

Product: mvBlueNAOS Evaluation Kit

Key Features: 5 MPixel mvBlueNAOS camera, Gen|Cam compatible, PCI express interface


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