Computer Offers Ultra-High Performance GPGPU Vision System

May 12, 2023
Ultra High Performance Deep Learning system achieves up to 275 TOPS.

IMAGO Technologies has launched Vision Box AI, a fanless Deep Learning computer equipped with an ultra-high performance GPGPU (general purpose graphics processing units) vision system for AI and other applications requiring GPU computational power. The fanless, compact vision computer, powered by the NVIDIA AGX Orin GPGPU, can achieve computing power of 275 TOPS (Tera Operations per Second, 8-bit Integer) and has up to 12 ARM CPU cores with up to 64 GB of RAM. The GPU accelerator supports AI applications with high process cycles or complex networks and can execute both the learning program and the inference program of an AI solution. The GPGPU vision system also provides the power for other applications that require a CUDA-based accelerator, such as hyperspectral imaging or light field cameras. Vision Box is also equipped with the interfaces required for industrial image processing, including standard I/O ports such as real-time digital IO, an RS422 for connecting incremental encoders, Ethernet, USB and an optional monitor output, as well as up to four GigE interfaces for connecting standard GigE cameras. In addition, the Camera Link interface delivers data in real time.

To Learn More:

Contact: IMAGO Technologies 

Headquarters: Friedberg, Germany

Product: Vision Box AI

Key Features: Ultra-High performance GPGPU, up to 275 TOPS computing power, up to 64 GB of RAM

What IMAGO Technologies says:

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