Stereolabs Outlines Neural Network for Autonomous Machines

Dec. 29, 2023
Designed to analyze image data from multiple cameras positioned on a machine to provide a panoramic 360° view.

Stereolabs unveiled information on Terra AI, which the company plans to release during the second quarter of 2024 to its enterprise customers. Terra AI is a vision-based neural network architecture designed for off-road autonomous machines, such as tractors, mowers, utility vehicles, autonomous mobile robots and robotic arms. It is designed to analyze images provided by the company’s monocular and stereo ZED cameras on the embedded NVIDIA Jetson platform to provide 4D volumetric perception. The platform is designed to process information from multiple cameras, positioned on a robot or vehicle to provide a panoramic 360° view.



Contact: Stereolabs

Headquarters: Paris, France

Product: Terra AI

Key Features: 4D volumetric perception, neural network architecture, works with ZED cameras

What Stereolabs says: View more information on Terra AI.

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