SAPPHIRE Technology Launches New Motherboard

April 2, 2024
Board designed for a variety of vision applications, including machine vision, robotics.

SAPPHIRE Technology recently launched a new Mini-ITX motherboard, the SAPHHIRE Edge+ VPR-4616. The new motherboard combines an AMD Ryzen embedded processor and an AMD Versal AI Edge adaptive SoC on one platform, allowing it to support a variety of workloads and functions, offering flexibility and scalability. The motherboard has up to 64 GB of RAM and can support two monitors. Optional expansion I/O boards available include 2x RJ45 1 Gb Ethernet, two quad connectors for cameras, and two SFP+25 Gb Ethernet. It can run on Windows 10 or Linux x86-64 bit operating systems. The board is 170 x 170 mm and can operate in temperatures of 0°C to 60°C.

The SAPPHIRE Edge+VPR-4616 is designed for a variety of vision applications, including machine vision and robotics.

To Learn More:

Contact: SAPPHIRE Technology

Headquarters: Shatin, NT, Hong Kong

Product: Edge+VPR-4616 motherboard

Key Features: AMD Ryzen Embedded R2314 and AMD Versal AI Edge SoC, 64 Gb Ram, Supports  Windows 10 or Linux x86-64 bit OS.

What SAPPHIRE Technology says: View more information on Edge+VPR-4616 motherboard

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