Sensor Fusion: The Source of AI's Foresight

June 12, 2024
Learn how sensor fusion will make robotics safer and more capable by mimicking how humans process their surroundings with multiple senses.

Though we’re mostly unaware of it, our senses relentlessly work together to guide us through the world. Our vision, hearing, and sense of touch and smell create mental images of the environment at every instant, helping us make decisions. Is it safe to merge into the next lane? Is this piece of fruit edible?

Since it’s all involuntary, we’re not aware of the actual complexity of the process. But the intricacy of combining sensory channels is revealed when trying to teach machines to master the same skill. While vast improvements in AI capabilities make it less of a challenge, they must be coupled with innovations in everything from hardware and software that power the system to sensors themselves.

However, the accuracy of these insights hinges heavily on the quality of data collection at the edge and real-time processing capabilities. It’s imperative that the data is comprehensive, manageable, and explainable. By intelligently combining hardware and software, we can get closer to mimicking the simplicity and complexity of the human senses through sensor fusion.

To see the full article, read Senor Fusion: The Source of AI's Foresight, which originally appeared on Electronic Design, an Endeavor Business Media partner site.

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Yingyu Xia

Yingyu Xia leads global product technical marketing for smart cities and retail at AMD (Santa Clara, CA, USA).

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