Active Silicon Launches New Frame Grabber

July 8, 2024
Featuring Dual CPX-12 interface, frame grabber designed for high speed, low latency imaging data transfers.

Active Silicon has launched its new Firebird Dual CXP-12 low profile frame grabber. The new CoaXPress frame grabber features two CoaXPress interfaces and can support one camera using both interfaces, or two cameras utilizing one interface each, as well as power over CoaXPress. It also utilizes Active Silicon’s Active DMA technology, which applies reduced instruction set computer(RISC)-based processor techniques to enable high speed, low latency image data transfers with no CPU intervention.

It has up to 2 GB of DDR4 memory fitted between the CoaXPress interface and PCI bus and has four-lane Gen3 interface that can handle up to 3.4 Gbps data transfer between the camera and the PC to which it is connected. It has four opto-isolated inputs and outputs, four TTL I/O lines, and four 4 RS-422 I/O lines, the signals  from all of which are provided on a 50-way header on the board. It also has a 15-way D-type connector on the end panel bracket.

The Firebird CSP-12 is supported by Active Silicon’s Active SDK, which includes application examples and optimized libraries, is compatible with Windows, Linux, and QNX operating systems, and can support such applications as Cognex VisionPro, HALCON, and Common Vision Blox.

The Firebird CXP-12’s PCB board has a 168 x 69 mm footprint; the entire frame grabber footprint is 191 x 69 mm and weighs 158 g. It has an operating temperature range of 0°C to 60°C and can handle up to 90% non-condensing humidity in storage or in operation.

To Learn More:

Contact: Active Silicon

Headquarters: Severna Park, MD, USA

Product: Firebird Dual CXP-12 Frame Grabber

Key Features: Two CoaXPress interfaces, 2GB DDR4 memory, Active DMA processor technology

What Active Silicon says: View more information on Firebird Dual CXP-12 frame grabber

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