Lattice sensAI Solution Stack

July 9, 2024
FPGA-based machine learning/AI solution stack designed for applications such as mobile, smart home, smart city.

Lattice Semiconductor’s Lattice sensAI Stack is an FPGA - based machine learning/artificial intelligence solution especially designed to be easily deployable, scalable, and flexible. The system includes modular hardware platforms, example demonstrations, reference designs, neural network IP cores, software tools, and custom design services. The system is designed for low power consumption. Designed for interface flexibility, it is compatible with MIPI CSI-2, LVDS, GigE, and more.

It is one of three products entered in the Edge Awards for the machine vision category. 

Lattice sensAI hardware platforms include CrossLink-NX VP Sensor Input Board, which allows for easy connectivity to the embedded vision development kit and is designed for fast prototyping vision-based AI acceleration; Embedded Vision Development Kit; and HM01B0 UP duino Shield, which is a complete development kit for implementing AI using vision and sound as sensory inputs.

The system’s neural network computer supports a TesnorFlow, Keras, and Caffe; users do not need prior RTL experience. The system can also be customized for a variety of end-to-end custom solutions.

The Lattice sensAI Solution Stack is especially designed for such edge/AI uses as mobile, smart home, smart city, smart factory, and smart car applications.

EDGE Award winners will be chosen by the readers of Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, and Vision Systems Design.

To Learn More:

Contact: Lattice Semiconductor

Headquarters: Portland, OR, USA

Product: Lattice sensAI Stack

Key Features: Hardware platforms, IP cores, software tools, demonstrations, reference designs included; low power requirements; custom design services available

What Lattice Semiconductor says: View more information on Lattice sens AI  Stack

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