Automatica 2023 is June 27-29 in Munich, Germany

June 13, 2023
Machine Vision, Robotics, AI to be Showcased

Automatica, one of the largest global automation industry shows, returns to Munich, German, June 27-30.

The show, which covers fields such as machine vision, robotics, AI and more, attracted nearly 29,000 visitors from 77 countries and 574 exhibitors from 34 countries in 2022. Mess München, organizer and host of the event, is and is expecting a similar turnout this year.

Automatica occurs at the same time and under the same roof as LASER World of PHOTONICS.

As a leading forum for automation topics and issues, products, and services, automatica covers the spectrum of industrial automation, including machine vision.

Attendees can expect to see and learn more about such vision-related products as autonomous robots, 3D sensors, AI-enabled software, frame grabbers, and all types of industrial cameras and machine vision software. Click the link for the exhibitor directory.

Another important feature of the show is the supporting program, which is organized to provide the latest information on important industry issues and trends. This year, three major themes are explored: Digitalization and AI, Future of Work, and Sustainable Production.

The lecture program will feature a variety of interesting and knowledgeable speakers in several different presentation categories and forums, including:

  • Visions of future robotics and AI. Speakers in this category will discuss current research and applications in robotics and AI as well as responsible technological change. For example, Session 1 will not only delve into examples of how humans and smart robots might work together in the future in fields such as industrial applications, medical technology and disaster control, but also address and discuss the potential acceptance and ethical issues that will likely arise.
  • Megatrends. Speakers will discuss a variety of topics focusing on robotics and AI, sustainable production, and the future of work. For example, what will factories look like in the future? What could the human/robot mix look like? How might increasing accessibility and ease of use of robotics by individual innovators and smaller firms contribute to development of new uses and applications?
  •  AI.Society stage, a stage and dialog platform for AI.Society, will feature interdisciplinary expert panels looking beyond current technical feasibility of robotics and automation and focusing on new approaches and future scenarios. This forum will include panel discussions such as the Ethics Round Table, as well as 20-minute live presentations delving into various topics of research by participating members of the AI.Society.
  • Lucrative connections: Odense Investor Summit will provide opportunities for financial analysts, equity investment firms, asset managers, banks, investors, and startups to network and to gain insight on current high tech investment trends.
  • Vision Expert Huddles, to be held at the Machine Vision Pavilion,will offer machine vision presentation concepts, via short keynotes, on a variety of topics, including: bin picking, robot vision/3D; AI and vision, embedded vision, vision and industry, system integration and solutions. In addition, the Vision Expert Huddles are designed to foster an atmosphere for networking and dialogue between experts and visitors to both automatica and LASER world of PHOTONICS.

For more information on the supporting program, and all it offers, click here.

Click the link for more information on the speakers.

Recognizing the talent shortage and relative lack of new blood, automatica is also working to help nurture and grow the talent pipeline. The show will feature a number of networking and career growth opportunities:

  • The Start-Up Arena provides opportunities for investors and innovators to learn and network.
  • Career Now, a new job and career platform for automatica and LASER World of PHOTONICS, which offers a job board, career counseling, resume photo shooting, company presentations, and lectures.
  •  Robothon® – The Grand Challenge, is a global competition that brings together roboticists to create transferable physical robotics manipulation skills. In this year’s competition, teams are developing hardware and software to autonomously handle electronic waste. The event culminates with the Award Ceremony as part of the high-tech platform munich_i.

For more information on these and other offerings at automatica, visit the show's website.  

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