Multiple imaging technologies including line scan and area scan cameras deployed for medical manufacturing application

Feb. 18, 2021
X-ray imaging is also used in the syringe production and inspection process.

Multiple machine vision technologies, including area scan and line scan cameras from Keyence, along with x-ray imaging, are employed in a new automated system developed by solution designer NuTec Tooling Systems for the creation of plastic syringes with properties similar to glass by using a proprietary coating process.

The system was designed by NuTec for a pharmaceutical OEM. Epson G6 Cleanroom SCARA robots remove syringes from a tub in preparation for the coating process. 38 syringes are coated per minute. The syringes then pass through various inspection systems that include multiple high-resolution line scan cameras and 5 MPixel resolution area scan cameras. Next, the syringes are siliconized and temporary caps are changed to final caps.

After a final inspection routine that employs x-ray imaging, SCARA robots place the syringes into a container and prepare full containers for the application of inner and outer covers. A final SCARA robot uses a laser marker to apply a label to the container.

NuTec Tooling Systems is based in Meadville, PA, USA. The initial concept phase of the project began in 2018 and the system went into operation in November 2020.

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