Line scan sensors feature four light channels and TDI support

March 3, 2021
Each channel can be independently controlled for full-color image capture.

4LS line scan image sensors, available in 10K and 15K resolutions and with 5.6 µm pixel size. feature four red/green/blue/clear channels that scan up to 120,000 lines per second. Each of the four lines may be independently controlled or operated simultaneously, for full-color image capture.

The sensors support 4:1 time delay and integration (TDI) and provide a choice between 8-bit or 12-bit LVDS output, with full well-charge outputs ranging from 10 ke- to 40 ke-. Dynamic range is up to 54 dB and quantum efficiency is 61% at 530 nm wavelength.

The 4LS is supplied as a Chip-on-Board module mounted on an Invar package. The PCB interfaces of the 10K and 15K resolution models are compatible and interchangeable.


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Contact: ams
Headquarters: Premstaetten, Austria
Product: 4LS line scan image sensors
Key Features: 10K and 15K resolutions, 5.6 µm pixel size, four red/green/blue/clear channels, up to 120,000 lines per second, TDI support.

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