Vision Systems Toolset with Deep Learning

April 7, 2022
Automate pass/fail tasks or sorting and classifying workflows

Cognex Corporation has released a toolset for developing vision systems that includes both deep-learning and rules-based functionality. Designed for factory automation, In-Sight 2800 includes both software and hardware accessories. Tools within the product series can be used individually for simple jobs, such pass/fail tasks, or chained together for more complex logic sequences. In-Sight 2800 includes a deep learning tool, ViDi EL Classify, which uses pretrained algorithms to identify and sort defects into different categories and correctly identify parts with variation. Hardware accessories include a base unit, liquid lens, multitorch light, brackets, cables, adapters, and red and blue bandpass filters.

To Learn More:

Contact: Cognex Corporation

Headquarters: Natick, MA

Product: In-Sight 2800

Key Features: Both software and hardware accessories, deep-learning and rules-based functionality, pretrained algorithms that identify and sort defects into different categories and identify parts with variation

What Cognex Corporation says: View more information on In-Sight 2800. 

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