Cowen Startup Challenge Finalists at Automate Announced

May 19, 2022
At Automate 2022, 10 finalists will pitch their technology solution, all vying for a $10,000 cash prize.

On Tuesday, June 7 at 2:30 PM, at Automate 2022, 10 finalists will pitch their technology solution, all vying for a $10,000 cash prize. The finalists are:


Aivero is a Scandinavian startup founded in 2017 with a mission to democratize automation by simplifying robotic control so that anyone can deploy and operate them. No more code, programming, or complex path planning—vision-guided robotics automates this too.

Covision Quality

Covision Quality automates and scales visual inspection with unsupervised machine learning technology. The software is installed in production lines within 1 hour and reduces pseudo scrap rates by up to 90%.

FLX Solutions

FLX Solutions is pioneering functional robotics applications for the Construction and Building Inspection/Maintenance industries with highly intelligent robots that are miniaturized to operate in spaces humans can’t easily access. Its first product, The FLX BOT, is a patented 1” diameter snake-like robot that is able to fit into these spaces to inspect, map, and then perform any required maintenance.


Based on Gecomer® Technology, INNOCISE produces special polymers capable of handling components from several meters to less than 10 microns with the highest precision and maximum efficiency. Inspired by the so-called Gecko effect, picking and placing of the component works without external energy and without any residues – by using van der Waals interactions.


InOrbit is a provider of SaaS RobOps - DevOps for robotics. InOrbit offers a secure, scalable, cloud-based robot management and analytics platform that enables robotics companies and their customers to develop, deploy and operate smart robots at global scale. Its platform seamlessly integrates with existing programs and other services, bringing RobOps to scale.


Neurocle Inc.

Neurocle incorporates deep learning technology into the field of computer vision. Neurocle has developed software that provides best optimized models to users with its Auto Deep Learning model algorithms and inference engine.


NINOX 360 offers the benefits of automation with minimal infrastructure with its poka-yoke (a.k.a. error proofing) systems and vision-based inspections. Its current and past customers cover a range of industries from consumer electronics, robotics, defense, automotive manufacturing, warehousing, and energy industries. It specializes in developing bespoke vision-based solutions in challenging environments using a variety of approaches that include 3D reconstruction, photogrammetry, and machine learning.

Quotebeam Inc.

The marketplace for automation parts, quotes, and collaboration. Engineering and procurement teams can find parts and collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers, all in one place.

Scalable Robotics Inc.

Scalable Robotics is a startup in industrial robotics that was founded on the idea that industrial robots are tools that should be available to everyone, including large, medium, and especially small enterprises. Many industries face labor shortages, and many people are put in harm’s way because it is too difficult or costly to program a robot. The company’s novel human-robot interaction techniques enable people who know their process to intuitively show the robot what needs to be done, and the Scalable system creates a robust and high-quality program automatically.


Voaige is building reprogrammable Operating AI for robotic arms to automate complex tasks in logistics and manufacturing.

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