LiDAR 3D Scanning Solution

May 18, 2023
The product kit is is designed for short-distance measurement applications.

Newsight Imaging has launched the MT LiDAR 3.1 (Multi-Triangulation) Reference Design—a 3D scanning solution for short-distance measurement applications. It enables full 3D mapping from a single scan. The solution includes the following: Newsight NSI1000 CMOS sensor & RDC board, software package for Windows 10, on-board ST MCU – ARM Cortex-M4, imaging lens with bandpass filter, and on-board laser drive with mounted line laser. The solution uses laser triangulation in which a laser projects light on to a target and then the distance is measured based on the angle of the returned light. With a resolution of 1024 x 480 pixels, the product supports a depth resolution range of 20 µm to 1 mm, with hundreds of frames per second. The company says the reference design is suitable for imaging objects with distances of 5 cm- 5 m such as is often the case in part/assembly inspection.  

To Learn More:

Contact: Newsight Imaging

Headquarters: Ness Ziona, Israel

Product: MT LiDAR Reference Design

Key Features: Resolution of 1024 x 480 pixels, depth resolution of 20 um to 1 mm, frame rate 3000 fps (32 concurrent points).

What Newsight Imaging says:

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