Latest Machine Vision Inspection Libraries Launched

July 21, 2023
Libraries optimized for machine vision applications.

Euresys has launched the Deep Learning Bundle, the company’s latest convolutional neural network-based inspection libraries optimized for machine vision applications. These libraries consist of software tools that perform such applications as image classification, supervised or unsupervised segmentation, and object location. The libraries are part of the Open eVision Deep Learning Bundle, which can be used with the free Deep Learning Studio training and evaluation application. The Deep Learning Bundle has simple API and includes EasyClassify, EasySegment and EasyLocate, as well as the free Deep Learning Studio application for dataset creation, training, and evaluation. The Deep Learning Bundle supports data augmentation and masks and is compatible with CPU and GPU processing.

To Learn More:

Contact: Euresys

 Headquarters: Seraing, Belgium

Product: Deep Learning Bundle

Key Features: Simple API, free Deep Learning Studio applications, CPU and  GPU compatible

What Euresys says: View more information on the Deep Learning Bundle.

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