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Sensors are compact; Controller allows precise image acquisition; Camera is fast; Camera has smart software; and MORE…

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Sensors are compact

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Equipped with full VGA resolution, S26 and S28 sensors come with optics, lighting, electronics, and software in a compact housing. The user interface supports fast startup or simple changing of parts. Various lighting colors and optical filters are available as accessories to make the inspection process insensitive to interference from external light sources. The sensors are available as standard components worldwide.
Vision Control
Suhl, Germany

Controller allows precise image acquisition

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E-625 nanopositioning controller was designed to drive the company’s PIFOC family of piezoelectric Z-stack nanofocusing drives. It provides better than 1-nm resolution and achieves short response and settling times, on the order of 10 ms. The controller has both a high-bandwidth analog interface and a 20-bit digital interface. It integrates a low-noise piezo power amplifier, a high-speed servocontroller, and sensor electronics.
Physik Instrumente
Auburn, MA, USA

Camera is fast

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High-speed video camera, i-SPEED 2, is for the packaging industry. Features include recording speeds up to 33,000 frames/s, 800 × 600-pixel resolution at 1000 frames/s, monochrome and color versions, download to computer via compact flashcard or Ethernet, and continuous live video streaming from four outputs. Data analysis and measurements are available immediately.
Southend-on-Sea, UK

Camera has smart software

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IMPACT A-10 intelligent camera comes bundled with IMPACT software suite of three modules-IMPACT KickStart, Vision Program Manager (VPM), and Control Panel Manager (CPM). Housed in a compact, robust hardware configuration, the IMPACT A-10 offers fast on-board image processing, more memory, real-time I/O, and Gigabit Ethernet communications. IMPACT KickStart module provides four basic inspections: morphology, locate, absence/presence check, and gauging. The completed application can be saved as a template and reused for quick solutions in the future or be loaded onto IMPACT VPM or CPM if the application requires additional inspection requirements.
PPT Vision
Eden Prairie, MN, USA

AOI system tests fast

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Stand-alone OptiCon BasicLine 1M/4M system has a modularly extendable camera that allows alternative selection between a 1- and 4-Mpixel camera module with custom telecentric lens. Additional camera options can be added for color inspection or 3-D measurement, as well as angled view inspection for the assessment of j-lead pins at PLCC and SOJ components. It is based on a linear drive system that gives up to 50% higher test speed.
GÖPEL electronic
Jena, Germany

Module is flexible

HERON-FPGA12 module has Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA optimized for embedded processing and serial connectivity. The HERON-FPGA12 module has the XCV4FX12 FPGA with embedded PowerPC. It offers 128 Mbytes of off-chip DDR memory, 60 bits of user-programmable digital I/Os, and 16 Mbytes of FLASH memory. HERON modules can be used in any combination to allow users to configure systems. The module can be used stand-alone or embedded or mounted in a host machine.
Hunt Engineering
Brent Knoll, UK

Scope measures time

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Imaging OPTIScope is a photomultiplier tube with an embedded acquisition card to sample its signal. A CMOS sensor gives a direct view of the area where the timing signal is averaged. Other features include a photopic filter for photometric measurements, systematically compensated electronic noise, and an angular aperture of ±2°. The sensor’s electronics consist of a 4-Mbyte embedded memory, sampled by a 16-bit A/D converter. One version has a minimum sampling rate fixed at 10 µs; a second version fixed at 1 µs is available for applications requiring measurements such as phosphor-decay time.
Saint-Clair, France

X-ray camera has high resolution

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RadEyeHR is a high-resolution detachable x-ray-sensitive camera head that contains a 2-D CMOS photodiode array with 22.5-µm pixel size. The sensor electronics are mounted in a separate enclosure that can be remotely located and interconnected via a 1-m-long cable. The detachable sensor module is housed in a ruggedized, steel enclosure with a stainless-steel cover and carbon-fiber window that shields it from ambient light and protects the electronics from accidental physical damage. Image data are output over a high-speed parallel (12-bit resolution) digital frame-grabber interface or USB connection for use with a PC or equivalent laptop at a rate up to 1.3 frames/s. Required operating power is less than 5 W.
Rad-icon Imaging
Santa Clara, CA, USA

Driver gives dual-axis control

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EZHR17EN stepper motor controller + driver, designed for rapid off-the-shelf implementation in miniature applications, measures 1.6 × 1.6 (40 × 40 mm). It provides up to 2-A drive current for one axis and up to 1 A for the second, with optional second stepper or bidirectional dc driver daughtercard. The EZHR17EN and daughtercard can microstep up to 1/256 and 1/16 steps, respectively. Features include selectable step resolution from 1/8 to 1/256 step, up to 20 million microsteps/s, and operation from 12 to 40 V.
San Jose, CA, USA

Lenses fit small CCD cameras

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The latest standard types of telecentric lenses are supplements to the company’s S5LPJ60xx series of Correctal T80 lenses for 1-in. CCDs. They provide magnification from 0.19X (S5LPJ6041) up to 0.36X (S5LPJ6075). Intermediate magnifications available are 0.215X (S5LPJ6045), 0.25X (S5LPJ6050), and 0.29X (S5LPJ6060).
SILL Optics
Wendelstein, Germany

Light source operates at low cost

LED hybrid light source uses readily available optics, integrated with a heat-management and focusing system, to output results in a manner similar to a 150-W, 21-V EKE lamp. The mechanical package is designed to allow replacement of individual light cells during the operating life of the unit, assuring preventative maintenance and very low operating costs. The focal beam is optimized for 5-12-mm active diameter light guides; areas large enough to accommodate traditional industrial fiberoptic lighting components.
Fiberoptics Technology
Pomfret, CT, USA

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