Microscan provides more information on new barcode reader teasers

Microscan has released information on a major product release, revealing that the company will release all-new barcode reading and industrial identification solution products this fall.

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For the past month-plus, Microscan has been teasing a product release, withits marketing pieces using terms like "intuitive, small, and agile" to describe a barcode reader product. Now, the company has finally provided a few details, noting that the product will be a miniaturized (compared to current models) barcode reading solution.

Coming this fall, Microscan will release barcode reading and industrial identification solution products that feature a device-agnostic user interface that will add to the Microscan product portfolio.

Microscan says the platform will be its easiest-to-use product yet, and the most "ground-breaking engineering throughout its history of industrial identification development." The next generation barcode imagers and user interface, according to the company, will allow anyone without barcode reading experience to “to easily install a device into new or existing systems to outperform competitive operations for speed, precision, and adaptability to changing criteria.”

Users will be able to select from a range of hardware configurations as well as choose their device capability—from basic barcode reading to full industrial X-mode high-performance decoding, IP-rated sealing, and Ethernet connectivity —without increasing physical footprint.

According to an email sent out on September 2, the product line is set to launch in 11 days. To receive updates, click here.

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