2016 Innovators Awards: Silver level honorees

May 3, 2016

Silver-level award winners of our 2016 Innovators Awards Program are as follows:

  • Basler - PGI Feature Set. Basler’s PGI Feature Set is an in-camera image optimization for color cameras based on a combination of 5 x 5 de-Bayering, color anti-aliasing and de-noising. PGI operates in the camera and is designed to obtain the best possible image quality without loss of speed or increase of processor load.
  • Metaphase Technologies - The Eclipser, a dark field LED line light for detecting defects in optically clear materials. Eclipseris a back line light for improved detecting of imperfections in optically clear materials that previously could not be seen with traditional line scan illumination techniques. This LED illuminator uses strategically positioned LEDs with innovative optics to highlight sub-pixel defects such as gels, unmelts, stones and contaminants.
  • MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solution – MIO Series Intelligent I/O Solution for FLIR Cameras. MIO Seriesis an Ethernet based, intelligent I/O module, compatible with FLIR A310(f) and FLIR AX8 cameras. The module turns FLIR cameras instantly into a remote monitoring system. A webserver interface allows for configuration of eight digital alarm outputs (24VDC).
  • Photometrics - Prime sCMOS Camera. Prime incorporates an FPGA to enable real-time processing features. Prime features a 4.2MPixel sCMOS image sensor and an FPGA that is used to reduce photon shot-noise and provide an increase in SNR.
  • Edmund Optics - TECHSPEC Cx Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses. TECHSPEC Cx Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses features a modular three-piece design that incorporate precision fixed apertures, internal filter holders or liquid lenses into the assembly. The three pieces (front, middle, and back) can all be separated and manipulated to allow for shifting and changing of optical elements to alter the working distance range of the lens.

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