Page 2: Cognex barcode readers speed up packaging lines at Kraft Foods

Oct. 16, 2013
Cognex Dataman 300 image-based barcode readers were installed at Kraft Foods Canada with the purpose of inspecting labels on their barbecue sauce in order to prevent labeling mix-ups which may result in allergic reactions for consumers.

For this particular application, the 800 x 600 pixel model was sufficient to capture an image of the entire label with the necessary resolution to read the code regardless of position, and in spite of degradation of print quality.

Dave Fortin, technician for Kraft Food Canada, installed the system himself. He used pan-and-tilt brackets to mount the readers and connected the readers to a personal computer and then connected the readers to a PLC via an Ethernet connection. A photodetector in the inspection system provides a signal to the PLC that a bottle is in the station ready for inspection and the PLC instructs the Dataman reader to capture an image. The reader sends the code back to the PLC, and if the code does not match the product on the line, the PLC transfers the bottle to a reject conveyor.

Since the replacement of the laser scanners on the barbecue sauce line with the Dataman 300 barcode readers, read performance at Kraft Foods has been 99.9%.

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