Code reader features new algorithm for image capture and process

The SR-750 series of 1D and 2D barcode readers incorporate new advanced decoding algorithms that provide stable image reading.

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The SR-750 series of 1D and 2Dbarcode readers incorporates new advanced decoding algorithms that provide stable image reading. With the new algorithm, codes are located more quickly and optimal settings will be selected automatically from as many as 250,000 correction patterns. In addition, the SR-750 series features built-in communication and increased connectivity, easy integration into new and existing systems, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, PROFINET, FTP, RS-232c, Power over Ethernet, and data editing functionality. These barcode readers from Keyence are equipped with CMOS image sensors, 750x480 pixels, red LED lighting, and come in six different models with various resolutions, reading distances, and focal distances.

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: Elmwood Park, N.J., United States
SR-750 bar code readers
Key Features:
New algorithm adopted for capture and process, built-in communication, increased connectivity, Power over Ethernet, data editing, CMOS image sensor, 750x480 pixels.

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