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Nov. 18, 2014

New product development

When it comes to the impetus behind the development of its latest product, the new Goldeye infrared camera, Roman said the camera was first released via market research, and then the camera was further developed to go to market. The camera, which is the first infrared camera released by Allied Vision after the 2011 acquisition of VDS Vosskühler GmbH, combines infrared technology with Allied Vision’s machine vision expertise, according to Roman.

“The camera has industrial and scientific benefits in one,” he said. “It is compatible with such libraries as Common Vision Blox, Cognex Vision software, and so on; and industrial applications will benefit from this camera’s ability to image beyond the visible spectrum.”

Potential growth areas and trends

Both Roman and Obidimalor agreed that intelligent transportation systems represent an area of the industry in which growth could be seen in the coming years.

"In the United Kingdom, for example, there are many cars on the road, and this causes congestion," said Roman. "ITS will help regulate and make it become more efficient."

He added that many developing countries are in the process of developing road systems, and that they will require ITS systems.

Concerning trends or new products that could see an increase in popularity, Obidimalor noted that there is potential for Thunderbolt 2 connectivity to be used in the machine vision industry.

"Allied Vision has already developed a prototype for this, and we see it as having potential in multi-camera machine vision systems," he said. "The growing adoption of Thunderbolt 2 in consumer and IT markets will help ensure the interface’s usability."

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