Vision learning opportunities: Smart cameras, automotive inspection, security and surveillance

Here on Vision Systems Design we provide a number of informative and helpful webcasts covering the machine vision and image processing industries.

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Here on Vision Systems Design we provide a number of informative and helpful webcasts covering the machine vision and image processing industries. While we hope you are able to join us live and take advantage of our question and answer sessions, we also realize that people are busy and not always able to attend these. With that in mind, we’ve provided some information on three previous webcasts that covered three distinctly different topics.

The first of these archived webcasts, “Choosing and testing smart cameras for your application,” took a look at the selection of smart camera hardware for applications such as inspection and verification, covering various functions and features. It also looked at imaging software and support issues, and how to ensure that a smart camera will operate effectively in your particular setup. This free webcast was presented by David R. Wyatt, founder of Automation Doctor Inc. and Machine Vision Doctor LLC.

View the smart cameras webcast here.

Another recent archived webcast, “Automotive parts inspection evolves with vision,” covered the changes in component sourcing in the automotive industry and revealed their impacts on OEMs, suppliers, and designers of systems involving vision technologies. It identified technologies and setup requirements, including the system specifications necessary to carry out the various vision checks. Presenter Gerald Budd, president of Phoenix Imaging, provided a series of examples that exampled what is needed to implement such vision checks, and the inherent advantages and benefits for OEMs and end-users.

View the automotive inspection webcast here.

The third featured webcast, “Configuring and applying vision-based security and surveillance systems,” described how networked security and surveillance is being deployed in applications including industrial surveillance, traffic monitoring, UAVs, and infrared imaging. Examples provided by speaker Markus Train, President and CEO, MoviMed, demonstrated how typical systems should be configured while reviewing a number of key components and technologies: CCD and CMOS cameras, multi-sensor systems, lens types, interfaces, lighting, and software.

View the security and surveillance webcast here.

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