Page 2: VISION roundtable provides insight on global machine vision market

Feb. 10, 2014
On February 4, industry leaders from Europe, the United States, and Asia gathered to discuss the current state of the machine vision market as well as the development of future technologies in a CEO round table co-hosted by the VISION trade fair and the VDMA Machine Vision Association.

United States market

In the United States, machine vision technology in manufacturing is primed for significant growth as part of the "re-industrialization" of America, according to Jeff Burnstein, President, Association for Advancing Automation (A3) and the AIA. As manufacturing returns from overseas and back to the US, this provides an opportunity for growth in those involved in the automation and machine vision industries, he suggested.

Burnstein also suggested that, in addition to factory automation, markets like life sciences, medical imaging, and surveillance as opportunities for growth in the United States machine vision industry, which he suggests will continue to be a strong market going forward. Mike Cyros, CCO of Allied Vision Technologies agreed, and also added that other applications, including stadium automation, outdoor imaging, digital cartography, intelligent traffic systems, and high-end surveillance should help aid in industry growth.

Greg Hollows, Director of Machine Vision Solutions for Edmund Optics, added to these sentiments, nothing that as costs for automation technologies go down, it enables the allocation of additional resources to other fields. Specifically, Hollows mentions life sciences, suggesting that there will be an opportunity to do more margin limitation at lower prices, which will allow them to get better test results and more information back to people that need it quickly.

"It’s going to improve the quality of life and make things better and add more jobs to this market as people have more needs that come up that can be addressed. A lot of beautiful things coming out with med and machine vision and automation technology is going to allow us just to continue improve the way we live," he said.

Asian market

In China, the machine vision market grew about 20% in 2014, and the forecast in 2014 also predicts another 20% growth, according to Isabel Yang, Founder and General Manager of Luster Light Tech in China.

In addition, as labor costs in China increase, the demand for industrial automation will grow. This includes the semiconductors industry, the automotive industry, and the electronics industry. As more of these applications pop up, the demand for automation will continue to rise, suggests Eric Chen, Oversea Marketing Supervisor, OPT Machine Vision Tech, China.

Sachio Kiura, Director and Secretary General for the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA), also says that the working population of China is decreasing as a result of the one-child policy, so the need for automation is as large as ever. In addition, emerging technologies in the automotive industry and electronics (including new TV standards) are sure to provide a boost in the demand for automation in Asia going forward.

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