Vitronic linescan camera inspects solar cells

Vitronic has developed the VINSPECsolar color linescan camera system that combines color and print inspections of solar cell front sides.

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VINSPECsolar: New color line scan camera system for optimized cell inspection

Vitronic (Wiesbaden, Germany) presents the newly developed color line scan camera system of the product line VINSPECsolar. The actual system solution combines color and print inspections of cell front sides with a performance which is unmatched up to this moment.

The heart of Vitronic’s new VINSPECsolar system is a high-resolution color line scan camera which provides 64 MPixel of image information. This is possible through four individual lines for the color ranges red, green, blue as well as black and white, which each have a resolution of 40 µm. Together with the optimal LED illumination, excellent print quality and color classification are guaranteed. Color, surfaces, edges and geometries are precisely and reliably inspected.

Vitronic introduces more features in the area of solar cell inspection Faster micro-crack detection, improved process monitoring in the texture inspection and an even higher resolution in the print inspection.

Vitronic’s image processing system VINSPECsolar stands for 100 percent quality assurance and clear classification for wafers, solar cells, solar modules and thin film modules. With VINSPECsolar, production processes are optimized and the output quantity increased. In addition, slim sensor housings ensure a fast and simple integration into the plant. All inspection values can be transferred into databases as well as into standardized interfaces of MES systems.

SOURCE: Vitronic

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