LMI Technologies launches Gocator 3-D laser sensor

Sept. 1, 2010
LMI Technologies announces the launch of the Gocator 2000 series of 3D laser line sensors targeted at factory automation.


LMI Technologies Inc. (Delta, BC, Canada), a global leader in 3D sensor measurement, announces the launch of the Gocator 2000 series of 3D laser line sensors targeted at Factory Automation. The Gocator series is an innovative family of 3D inspection sensors that rapidly delivers the advantages of 3D measurement to the factory floor.

"Gocator represents an evolutionary leap for LMI as it creates a new category of flexible 3D sensors that are powerful, easy to use, and competitively priced," said CEO, Terry Arden. "Gocator was developed to carry out 3D inspection and integrate with factory I/O from a web browser without having to be a system integrator or machine vision expert to perform 3D measurement!"

Ease of use is leveraged by the built-in web server as an effective GUI for rapid setup and control. Users can connect, set up exposure and speeds, visualize profiles, measure dimensions, select communication outputs, and monitor results using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari web browsers. This built-in web connectivity enables users to access the sensor from any PC without additional software, drivers, control boxes, amplifiers, or dependency on a specific operating system. "LMI wanted to make the Gocator 2000 series an exciting new breed of sensor with a "wow" user experience," said Arden.

Users can go beyond the built-in tools using "C" language scripting to perform custom calculations or define unique logic decisions. All of the Gocators in the 2000 series are network aware, allowing one sensor to be paired with a "buddy" Gocator in order to perform more sophisticated differential measurement tasks. Power users can use a series of Gocators to form a networked system to scan large objects. Rich I/O and simplified cabling support a variety of common digital and analog interface requirements.

Audiences at Control 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany, were introduced to the Gocator 2000 series. Attendees were able to experience how the sensor works and given a tour of its features. Reactions and feedback since the May 4th to 7th show have been more positive than the company anticipated, with most people commenting on how easy it would be to use the Gocator 2000 series of sensors in their specific industry.

Further information on the Gocator 2000 series, or any of LMI's lines of flexible and specialized sensors, is available on the company's website www.lmi3D.com.

About LMI Technologies, Inc.
LMI Technologies Inc. (LMI) is a global leader in 3D sensor technology for in-house engineering teams, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators (SIs). Over 100 patents and 30 plus years of sensor expertise has gone into over 60,000+ sensors and licensed products that work in some of the harshest working environments imaginable. LMI's technology supports the machine vision development needs of many of the world's largest OEMs and System Integrators in industries such as molten metals, welding, tire manufacturing, wood processing, livestock, automotive, transportation, and many others.

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