Theia debuts C mount lens with Linear Optical Technology

Theia Technologies' MY110 lens will provide up to 120° horizontal field of view, with no greater than 2% barrel distortion.

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Theia Technologies (Wilsonville, OR, USA) announced it is expanding its line of ultra wide angle, no distortion, megapixel lenses with a new C mount lens model.

Using Linear Optical Technology
The new MY110 lens will provide up to 120° horizontal field of view, with no greater than 2% barrel distortion. Theia will leverage its patented, award winning Linear Optical Technology platform to optically correct the barrel distortion typical of other wide lenses, keeping straight lines straight without the use of software, which is particularly useful in industrial inspection applications.

For security applications, the 120° wide field of view allows coverage of more area with one camera, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements of the whole system compared to higher camera count security and other video systems. The new MY110 three megapixel lens continues Theia's track record for supplying high quality megapixel lenses to industry and enabling crisp, high resolution images from megapixel cameras. Theia's lenses also provide increased resolution at the edge of the image compared to typical wide lenses which compress the image, losing information. This increases the chance of recognition of objects in machine vision and security applications.

In addition to all-optical barrel distortion correction, the MY110 lens is IR corrected and can be used on Day/Night, as well as on standard video cameras, to focus crisply in both visible and near Infrared (IR) light without having to re-focus the camera. The high infrared light transmission of the lens enables the use of IR LEDs in inspection applications.

"With the MY110, we offer the industrial automation, machine vision and security industries another tool for capturing high resolution, wide angle, no distortion images in visible and IR light. The lens is unique because it is the only lens to offer this combination of capabilities in a C mount lens," says Jeff Gohman, President and co-founder of Theia Technologies.

The robust C mount lens will be offered in both auto and manual iris versions.

About Theia
Theia Technologies provides high quality megapixel lenses for security and machine vision applications. Their patented, award winning Linear Optical Technology corrects barrel distortion and improves image resolution over typical lenses. Theia lenses are designed and marketed from the US, and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. Theia also provides optical engineering and custom design services. Theia has several issued and pending US and foreign patents for lens technologies. For more information, contact Andrea Iñiguez, (503) 570-3296, or visit

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