2017 Innovators Awards: Bronze-level honorees

April 3, 2017

2017 Innovators Awards: Bronze-level honorees

Bronze-level award winners of our 2017 Innovators Awards Program are as follows:

  • Acroname, Inc.: USBHub3+. The USBHub3+ is an 8-port programmable USB 3.0 hub that is optimized for manufacturing and development environments, and is the first programmable USB 3.0 hub available on the market, according to the company. Up to 8 USB 3.0 ports can be controlled through software to enable or disable individual ports, set current limits and monitor current and voltage on each port.
  • Datalogic: Pattern Identification (Pattern Sort) Tool. The new IMPACT pattern identification tool is a machine vision solution for object identification using Pattern Recognition. The algorithm is able to find thousands of different patterns, including the identification of objects with poor textured graphics.
  • e2v: Emerald CMOS Image Sensor Family. e2v's new Emerald sensors uses advanced CMOS image process technology and pixel design (2.8 µm pixel size) to offer a low noise global shutter pixel, with an electro-optical performance tuned to meet the demanding requirements of the machine vision industry
  • FLIR: Oryx. Oryx 10 GigE cameras can capture 4K resolution, 10-bit images at 60 fps using inexpensive CAT6A cables up to 100m long. The 10GBASE-T standard for 10 Gigabit Ethernet used by Oryx builds on the strengths that have made Gigabit Ethernet the dominant interface in the machine vision industry.
  • Gardasoft Vision: TR-HT Series High Power LED Controllers. Gardasoft’s new TR-HT series are the highest-power LED lighting controllers currently available for machine vision applications, according to the company. They have 2 independent output channels, each rated at 150W and each capable of delivering 50A in pulsed mode and 5A in continuous mode. In addition, they are GigE Vision compliant and utilize the latest control and Triniti communications technology.
  • LMI Technologies, Inc.: Gocator 2410 3D Smart Sensor + Gocator Ecosystem. Gocator 3D sensors feature a 2 MPixel camera with up to 1940 points/profile resolution. The blue-laser profiling sensors also feature an X resolution of 6 µm and repeatability down to 0.2 µm, as well as a field of view of up to 32 mm and a measurement range of up to 25 mm.
  • Metaphase Technologies: Multispectral Illumination System. This RGB + IR multispectral line light features individually controllable RGB and infrared LEDs to maximize contrast by choosing the best color and provide more intensity in specific wavelength compared to a traditional monochrome white line light.
  • Neousys Technology Inc.: Nuvis-5306RT Series. The Nuvis-5306RT vision controller features an Intel 6th gen Core i7/i5 CPU, integrated vision-specific I/O (4-CH CC/CV lighting controller, 4-CH camera trigger outputs, 1-CH quadrature encoder input, and 8-CH isolated DI and DO), 4 GigE PoE+ ports, and 4 USB 3.0 ports. It also supports the NVIDIA GTX 950/1050 for GPU-accelerated machine vision.
  • Opto Engineering: ALBERT - Self-learning vision system based on artificial intelligence. ALBERT is a self-learning vision system based on artificial intelligence for on-line inspection of shape and color in the food industry. Unlike costly and inflexible traditional vision systems, ALBERT is self-learning, i.e. it autonomously learns the characteristics of your production in a few minutes directly on a standard batch of products and without complicated programming procedures.
  • ProPhotonix: RGB-IR Line light. Designed to allow non-skilled personnel, such as production operators, to remove and replace 200 mm modules when they fail, the ProPhotonix modular RGB-IR LED line light was initially developed for optical sorting OEMs. This design reduced servicing and labor costs and improved production process efficiency and yield to deliver lower total cost of ownership and the higher ROI for the end user.
  • SENKO/ADL: 10 and 3 MPIxel FA lens compatible with high-end sensors. The SENKO/ADL’s new lens series is ideally matched for high resolution sensors on high-end machine vision cameras. The 10 MPixel lens is compatible with the CMOSIS CMV8000, ON Semiconductor KAI-08050, and ON Semiconductor KAC-12140, while the 3 MPixel lens is designed for the Sony IMX174 sensor.
  • SPAN Inspection Systems Pvt. Ltd.: Auto-Teaching and Smart Color Segmentation Technology in Blister Inspection. After a market survey of various blister inspection systems available today, SPAN Inspection Systems developed an automated teaching method, including auto learning of acceptance tolerance, for the inspection of tablets and capsules in blister packs.
  • TPL VISION: Optical Trigger. TPL Vision’s new Optical Trigger allows the camera (as long as it has embedded illumination) to easily communicate with TPL Vision lights without any wiring. By placing the Optical Trigger in front of the camera each time the camera’s lights are on, the Optical Trigger will automatically switch on the external illumination synchronously.
  • VISIO NERF. cirrus3D. cirrus 1600 – the latest 3D scanner from VISIO NERF, is a fast scanner capable of digitizing volumes of up to 1,600 x 1,200 x 1,200 in less than one second. cirrus3D incorporates two high-resolution cameras and LED lighting capable of generating a very dense 3D point cloud (up to 6 million points per scan).

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