2017 Innovators Awards: Gold-level honorees

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2017 Innovators Awards: Gold-level honorees

Gold-level award winners of our 2017 Innovators Awards Program are as follows:

  • Basler: Basler dart with BCON for LVDS interface. Basler’s dart camera modules with BCON interface are a novel solution for embedded vision systems. BCON for LVDS combines image data transfer, power supply, real-time trigger functionality, and camera configuration via I2C. Direct FPGA and SoC connection through a flat cable providing high flexibility.
  • Boulder Imaging: IdentiFlight Aerial Detection System. Boulder Imaging serves as the exclusive technology provider for IdentiFlight Aerial Detection System, a machine vision-driven solution designed to reduce or eliminate the chance of eagles colliding with rotating wind turbine blades. IdentiFlight is an autonomous aerial monitoring and detection system.
  • CSEM S.A.: Real-Time Embedded Face Recognition with a Low-Power Camera System. Vision-in-package (VIP) provides powerful machine vision wherever you need it by combining a superior imaging front end with embedded image processing in a single compact module. The optics and illumination can be adapted for different use-cases, and a library of machine vision algorithms specifically optimized for the VIP is available.
  • e2v: NBASE-T Cameras. NBASE-T interface line scan cameras, offering all the features and benefits of GigE, can reach bandwidths of 5X (with standard CAT5) and 10X (with CAT6 cabling). e2v is the first machine vision camera manufacturer to join the NBASE-T Alliance and introduce new NBASE-T compliant products.
  • Photometrics: Photometrics Prime 95B. The Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera allows researchers to overcome many difficult imaging challenges by converting nearly every available photon to useful signal through 95% Quantum Efficiency – by using the first available scientific CMOS sensor with back-side illumination. (11 µm pixel size, 41 fps at 16-bit, 82 fps at 12-bit).
  • Photron USA, Inc.: PhotoCam SpeederV2. Featuring a 7-inch LCD remote touch screen, one or two miniature remote camera heads, a flexible cable, a low-temperature LED illumination unit, and a camera control unit with an integrated solid-state drive for direct recording, the PhotoCam SpeederV2 high-speed imaging system is designed to spot errors on production lines in factory automation settings.
  • Princeton Infrared Technologies: LineCam12. The LineCAM12 is the only digital line scan camera that images in the SWIR and visible bands (0.4-1.7μm). It has two digital output formats USB3.0 Vision and Camera Link. The device can even be powered by USB3.0 in most applications. The LineCAM12 utilize a 1024x1 state of the art InGaAs linear array imager on 12.5μm pitch that was built for both machine vision and spectroscopy.
  • Silicon Software: VisualApplets 3.0 Embedder. VisualApplets 3.0 Embedder is VisualApplets unleashed from SiliconSoftware’s FPGA-based hardware. You can now implement FPGA designs in your own FPGA based imaging device or camera using VisualApplets! VisualApplets 3.0 Embedder (aka eVA) uses a simple dialog box configuration process to create an eVA IP core within your device’s FPGA.
  • Smart Vision Lights: LM-Series Mini-LED Machine Vision Lights with Dual-Mode Multi-Drive Internal Driver. LM45 and LM75 are compact linear lights with MultiDrive and OverDrive Strobe (high-pulse operation) technologies. The built-in MultiDrive feature allows the user to employ either series in continuous operation or OverDrive depending on wiring method. Standard wavelength colors are white, 470 nm blue, 530 nm green, 625 nm red, and 850 nm IR. Additional wavelengths are available upon request.
  • TAG Optics Inc.: TAG Optics Inspector. TAG Optics’ Inspector is a high-resolution, single camera, telecentric inspection system with the unique ability to visualize complex geometries without the need for multiple detectors or sub-system assemblies. TAG Inspector is the only system providing independent, electronic control over imaging depth without changing f-number or sacrificing resolution.
  • Tichawa Vision. VD(Distance)CIS. Touted as an alternative to conventional line scan cameras, the new VD(Distance)CIS-sensor was developed especially for multiple inspection applications. The sensor features a resolution of 300 dpi and can achieve a depth of field of 10mm. With the sensor, Tichawa was also able to increase the working distance of the new CIS from the standard 10 mm to 60 mm at 300 dpi. CIS is available in RGB and monochrome and has line rates of up to 120 kHz.
  • ViDi Systems: ViDi Suite 2.0. ViDi Suite, which utilizes deep learning algorithms to enable computers, machines and robots to understand images that they encounter in the real world, consists of three different tools. ViDi blue is used to find and locate single or multiple features within an image regardless of the position, size and orientation of these features. ViDi red learns the normal appearance of an image and from that point on and is able to detect anomalies ranging from missing components to aesthetic defects. ViDi green separates never seen images into classes based on a collection of trained images.

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