Cognex Launches New Tunnel Solution

April 1, 2024
New system, designed for high speed machine vision logistics applications.

Cognex has launched the 380 Modular Vision Tunnel, powered by the Cognex DataMan 380 barcode reader. This tunnel solution is designed for minimal footprint, maximum depth of field, and versatility and scalability.

The DataMan 380 is an image-based, wide FOV barcode reader especially designed for high-speed operations. It has a C-mounted Cognex High Speed Autofocus Liquid Lens, 1.1 in CMOS sensor with 2.74 μm pixel size, up to 16.8 mm diagonal size, up to 16.3 MPixel, 5320 x 3032 resolution, and 5 μs– 200 ms exposure shutter speed. The DataMan 380 has AI-accelerated decoding ability, which allows it to simultaneously process 1D and 2D codes.

The 380 Modular Vision Tunnel is supported by Cognex’s Edge Intelligence Tunnel Manager, which is designed to collect, aggregate, and analyze data from multiple devices simultaneously.

The 380 Modular Vision Tunnel is designed for a wide array of high-speed machine vision logistics applications.

To Learn More:

Contact: Cognex

Headquarters: Natick, MA, USA

Product: 380 Modular Vision Tunnel

Key Features: Supported with Edge Intelligence Tunnel Manager, powered by DataMan 380 barcode reader, designed for minimal footprint.

What Cognex says: View more information on 380 Modular Vision Tunnel. 

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