Keyence Launches AI-Powered Code Reader Line

April 22, 2024
Readers designed to read difficult to read, damaged codes.

Keyence recently launched a new line of AI-powered code readers, the SR-X series. There are currently five available in the series, the SR-X300, SRX-300W, SR-X300+SR-XHR, SR-X100, and SR-X100W. All are equipped with CMOS sensors and all have auto focus features. The SR-X300, SRX-300W and SR-X+SR-XHR all have 1920 x 1200 resolution and high intensity red/white LED illumination while the SR-X100 and SRX100W have 1360 x 1024 resolution and high intensity red illumination. All have high intensity green LED pointer light source.

Equipped with a new AI decoding algorithm, the readers are designed to be able to reliably read difficult to read and even damaged codes. All the barcode readers in the series can read QR, MicroQR, DataMatrix, PDF417, MicroPDF417, GS1 Composite, DotCode, Maxi Code and Aztec Code 2codes and all can read CODE39, ITP, COOP 20f5, NW-7, CODE 128, GS1 DataBar, CODE93, JAN/EAN/UPC, Trioptic CODE39 Full ASCII, Pharmacode, and Postal barcode. The SR-X300, SRX-300W, SR-X100, and SR-X100W all have a maximum reading distance of 1000 mm; SR-X+SR-XHR has a maximum reading distance of 47 mm.

The code readers have a footprint of 56 x 37 x 35.5 mm and are IP65/IP67 rated. They can operate in temperatures of 0°C to 45°C and 35% to 95% humidity.

The SR-X series code readers are especially designed for such tasks as code reading through reflections/deflections on plastic pouch products, reflections on vinyl covers, test tubes and bottles, and blurred printing on cardboard boxes.

To Learn More:

Contact: Keyence Corp. of America

Headquarters: Itasca, IL, USA

Product: SR-X code reader series

Key Features: AI-powered, CMOS sensor, IP65/IP67

What says: View more information on SR-X code reader series

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