New Automated Inspection System Developed

Aug. 22, 2023
System designed for automotive industry automated inspection.

Chromasens has developed a new, fully automated 3D inspection system designed specifically for the inspection of automotive connector pins. Designed for high throughput and accuracy, the system features a Chromasens 3D Pixa stereo line scan camera with 30 µm resolution, 8.22 mm height range and 105 mm FOV; Chromasens Corona II Tube Light illumination configured for diffuse lighting, and Chromasens 3D API software to capture all connector pin images. The system can measure the 3D position of all pins in their housings and the inspection is 100% inline. The system operates at a high dynamic range and utilizes GPU for accelerated high speed 3D measurement application.

To Learn More:

Contact: Chromasens GmbH

Headquarters: Konstanz, Germany

Product: Connector Pin Inspection System

Key Features: 3D, high dynamic range, GPU

What Chromasens says: View more information on the Connector Pin Inspection System. 

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