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Lynx cameras are Ethernet-ready; Vision sensor has new software; Image sensor is cost-effective; Fast IR camera is for R&D and MORE…

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Lynx cameras are Ethernet-ready

Th 0512vsd Newproduct01
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Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interfaces have been added to company’s LYNX series of high-performance smart cameras, and are intended for scientists and engineers trying to acquire high-resolution images at high speed. Ethernet interfaces now appear on models IPX-VGA210-G, IPX-1M48-G, IPX-2M30-G, IPX-2M30H-G, IPX-4M15-G, and IPX-11M5-G. LYNX cameras with GigE output can feed network spans up to 100 m without a repeater. They also eliminate the need for frame grabbers. Having their own on-board intelligence, LYNX cameras can acquire and analyze images autonomously.
Boca Raton, FL, USA

Vision sensor has new software

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Intellect software release 1.2 for DVT vision sensors features improvements to the intuitive user interface, making inspection, measurement, counting, and object location applications easier. Intellect 1.2 increases object sorting efficiency by allowing a single tool to identify and count multiple shapes or colors. It also includes faster image updates, a new OCV tool, custom drivers for robotic applications, and a preconfigured tool for label position and gross defect inspection. A free download of Intellect 1.2 is available on the company’s Web site.
Natick, MA, USA

Image sensor is cost-effective

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TrueFrame CCD image sensor, the FT50M, combines 1-Mpixel resolution and up to 100 frames/s in a cost-effective 1/2-in. standard optical format, delivering the imaging performance of a traditional 2/3-in. sensor. This monochrome frame-transfer image sensor has an optical size of 5.7 × 5.7 mm. The FT50M’s 67-dB linear dynamic range, high sensitivity, and vertical antiblooming provide high-contrast handling and detail retention in both dark and light areas of images.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Fast IR camera is for R&D

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The SILVER 450M is an affordable, IR camera based on the company’s cryogenically cooled, staring focal-plane-array detectors. Incorporating ROIC technology, the SILVER 450M’s 320 × 240-pixel-format InSb detector (3-5 µm) delivers 400 Hz at full-frame rate while maintaining sensitivity of, typically, 15 mK. The SILVER 450M is programmable from 1 to 400 Hz in full-frame mode, offers a subarray windowing mode with integration time adjustable in 1-µs increments, and has smart external triggering capability synchronizing image capture to transient events. Using either CAMLINK or USB 2.0 interfaces, the SILVER 450M can transmit commands and transfer video images at 40 MHz and full 14-bit dynamic range.
Cedip Infrared Systems
Croissy Beaubourg, France

ASIO lenses are for MWIR cameras

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ASIO microscopic objective lenses support imagers with standardized back working distance, stop location, and F# for mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) systems. The ASIO thermal-imaging lenses maximize the distance from the lens to the object. The line includes magnifications of 1X, 2.5X, and 4X for close inspection of small components. The front objective section is interchangeable with the eyepiece that mounts to the camera. The ASIO family of lenses is for multispectral applications in military and defense, industrial, commercial OEM, R&D, aerospace, and astronomy.
Janos Technology
Keene, NH, USA

CCD camera offers speed

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TM-6760 is a miniature, high-resolution progressive-scan CCD camera with 648 × 484-pixel resolution. It is based on a Kodak 1/2-in. progressive-scan image sensor (KAI 0330) and can capture 60 frames/s at full resolution. The interline-transfer CCD permits full vertical and horizontal resolution with electronic shutter speeds up to 1/32,000 s. It can be reset asynchronously by external pulse control. A look-up table allows full dynamic range control of the CCD by externally selectable knee slopes and provides fast 10- to 8-bit preprocessing. The camera has both digital and analog outputs for interfacing with frame grabbers. It is available in both monochrome and color formats.
JAI Pulnix
San Jose, CA, USA

GigE cameras are versatile

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Matrix Vision compact GigE cameras have a hardware real-time controller (HRTC) that defines sequences of operating steps for time-critical I/O and acquisition control. Camera features include sensors up to 1600 × 1200 pixels, monochrome and color versions, and integrated Bayer color conversion and image processing. Sequences of working steps can be defined allowing the HRTC to implement a multitude of applications such as generation of trigger signals, synchronization of diverse cameras, and fast generation of image sequences with different flash and exposure settings. The camera is targeted to networks with transfer rates up to 1 Gbit/s and distances up to 100 m. Multiple GigE cameras can be managed directly via a switch from a supervisor PC.
Digital Network Vision
Waltham, MA, USA

Company upgrades software

LabVIEW 8, an upgrade to the company’s graphical development platform for design, control, and test, has new capabilities that contain a simplified, scalable interface for communicating with and synchronizing between remote intelligent devices and systems. The same graphical platform can be used for data transfer, deterministic real-time communication, and network synchronization with integrated alarms, events, and data logging. The package includes the LabVIEW Project, a new environment for managing large applications; integrated code differencing and source-code control; multibuild management; and the ability to seamlessly deploy applications to various targets.
National Instruments
Austin, TX, USA

Progressive-scan camera is small

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Ikegami compact, monochrome CCD camera consists of a control unit and miniature detachable camera head that measures 32 × 36 × 53 mm. The SKC-145T2 is equipped with a Sony 2/3-in., 1.45-Mpixel ICX285AL progressive-scan EXview HAD CCD sensor. High light sensitivity, low dark current, and high quantum efficiency are properties of this camera, which can be used in the visible and near-IR region, with wavelengths to 1050 nm.
Munich, Germany

FireWire camera is compliant

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Model 7200 is a small CMOS camera with FireWire output designed for manufacturers of automated process equipment. The camera operates in a monochrome progressive-scan VGA format with full-frame readout up to 50 frames/s at 8-bits/pixel. It is DCAM-II compliant and interfaces with many third-party software packages. The Model 7200 can be triggered via an external sync signal or can operate in a “free-run” state. Four discrete outputs enable triggers of strobes, alarms, and other cameras.
Cohu Electronics
San Diego, CA, USA

Module captures video

CAML-MOD3 is a Camera Link adaptor module for Xilinx Virtex II Pro-based FPGA03 PMC module. Capable of capturing video from two Base-mode cameras or one Base-, Medium-, or Full-mode camera, the CAML-MOD3/PMC-FPGA03 combination merges data acquisition with the benefits of a local user-programmable FPGA. The field-programmable gate array can implement functions such as edge detection, FFTs, digital filtering, and correlation to benefit applications including target tracking, feature recognition, or real-time filtering. The CAML-MOD3 uses the Mini Camera Link HDR26 connector standard and is compatible with traditional Camera Link equipment employing the MDR26 connector.
Houston, TX, USA

Small camera head works remotely

Miniature (26 × 12 mm; 9 grams) color camera, model IK-UM44A, uses DSP processing combined with a 1/3-in., 410,000-pixel CCD image sensor with advanced microlens technology. There is better than 470-line horizontal resolution and a 46-dB S/N in its detachable camera head. Features include minimum illumination of 10 lux at ƒ/1.6, standard illumination of 200 lux at ƒ/1.6, and a choice of lenses.
Toshiba America
Irvine, CA, USA

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