Intelligent camera aids barcode reading; LED line lights are longer; Board integrates 64-bit frame grabber and MORE

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Intelligent camera aids barcode reading

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BlueLYNX intelligent camera from Matrix Vision is a video sensor and intelligent camera that includes a PowerPC with embedded Linux OS for optimum network integration. A C/C++ software environment allows development on a standard PC. A range of CMOS/CCD area sensors and CCD linescan sensors, as well as Matrix Vision mvIMPACT software, are available. Applications include 2-D/3-D measurement, OCR/OCV, barcode or Data Matrix reading, and inspection.
Digital Network Vision
Waltham, MA, USA

LED line lights are longer

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The COBRA LED line light family has been extended to include lengths of 125, 250, and 500 mm. Available wavelengths are blue, UV, red, and white. The maximum illuminance is 220,000 lux (red)-the highest available illuminance from LED lines. The products serve in web-inspection and linescan applications.
StockerYale Canada
Montreal, QC, Canada

Board integrates 64-bit frame grabber

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Matrox Odyssey XD, the newest member of the Odyssey family of vision processors, integrates off-the-shelf and custom technologies with an established, fourth-generation architecture. Odyssey XD is powered by the Freescale G4 PowerPC embedded microprocessor and an Oasis processing and router ASIC. The device features 512 Mbytes of DDR SDRAM memory, up to 1 Gbyte/s of external I/O bandwidth, and more than 5 Gbytes/s of memory bandwidth and performs up to 130 BOPs. The integrated LVDS/RS-422 frame grabber features four independent 16-bit-wide inputs, which can be configured to acquire from two-, four-, or eight-tap monochrome sources, as well as RGB sources. The frame grabber offers a choice of application programming interfaces and programming models.
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada

Linescan cameras give high resolution in NIR

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Linear digital video linescan cameras for high-resolution machine vision and spectroscopy have low noise, high dynamic range, and a high-line-rate platform and work with any of the company’s standard linear arrays (800 to 1700 nm) and extended wavelength arrays (1100 to 2200 nm). Available with a 25- or 50-µm pitch, several array geometries can be selected with pixel counts of 256, 512, or 1024. The cameras operate at room temperature and work with standard glass optics. Other features include Camera Link compatibility, 14-bit digital output with continuous or triggered scanning modes, and asynchronous operation.
Sensors Unlimited
Princeton, NJ, USA

Software deciphers Data Matrix

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PIATI_SWO is designed to decipher ECC200 Data Matrix codes in most practical situations and is currently supplied as an ActiveX Control, C++ API, or C API for ease of implementation in WinTel-compatible environments; the software can be made compatible with other operating systems and implementation platforms. It can be used when codes are imaged using poor lighting, low contrast, or optical setups that produce undesirable effects; when codes are marked on textured or treated surfaces; when codes reside in scenes that contain potentially confusing structures; and when codes exhibit significant degrees of degradation. Typical applications include decoding of Data Matrices that have been machine-marked on wafers/PCBs/substrates, medical/dental devices and instruments, and automotive or aerospace components.
The Value Engineering Alliance
Cambridge, MA, USA

High-speed camera is compact

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Compact SpeedCam Visario g2 with noise-optimized sensor renders 1000 frames/s with 1536 × 1024-pixel resolution and 30-bit color depth. Four-stage centric image-frame reduction permits slow motion/time stretch to 10,000 frames/s with 512 × 196 pixels. Integrated 4-Gbyte flash-memory option offers up to 4-s internal recording in RGB full-frame format. Modular battery backup permits autonomous camera operation and data storage. The variable back panel of the camera provides a universal and custom-designed interface panel. There is a new wide-angle lens-acceleration-proof up to 100 g in all directions.
Weinberger Deutschland
Erlangen, Germany

Shutter is flexible

Uniblitz CS35 is a small-form-factor shutter featuring a 35-mm aperture that fits into a 3.325-in.-diameter housing. It includes a damping system and new miniature actuator that can be driven with existing VMM or VCM drive units. As an option, the shutter can be equipped with an electronic synchronization system to increase the unit’s flexibility. It is available in a housed or un-housed OEM version and can be electronically programmed to fire specific exposures at precise time intervals.
Vincent Associates
Rochester, NY, USA

Board supports four cameras

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Domino Delta acquisition board has two timing units and two digitizing units and can acquire images from two concurrent cameras or four synchronized ones. Most single-tap analog cameras are supported. On-board memory is 8 Mbytes. Features include asynchronous reset, shutter control, isolated trigger, and strobe. The Domino Delta bracket offers four HD15 female camera connectors compliant with the Euresys-defined analog camera connector.
Angleur, Belgium

Flexible source controls light

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DCR IV halogen light source combines three products in the same DCR footprint, integrating a 150-W halogen light source; a RS-232 control interface, which allows the lamp to be controlled remotely and indicates the status of the bulb; and an equalizer light-feedback module, which provides stable lamp output over the life of the lamp and minimized lamp-to-lamp variation. DCR IV features include a current-limiting dc-regulated power source, interchangeable Modulamp units, soft start “lamp saver” circuitry, solid-state dimmer control for continuous dimming, and a stackable design. The DCR IV also incorporates front-panel equalizer controls and a simplified command protocol.
Schott North America
Auburn, NY, USA

Library converts signals

The GDD600 library, a library of floating-point DSP vectors and functions, reduces the development time of many DSP applications targeting Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP-based platforms. In addition to the hand-coded and optimized functions, the GDD600 includes a data-conversion unit that facilitates the conversion of fixed-point and integer formats into floating-point units, as well as the conversion of floating-point units into integer formats. The GDD600 library comprises more than 100 functions and macros that perform operations such as fast Fourier transform, fast Hartley transform, discrete cosine transform, FIR/IIR filters, coordinate transformations, vector operations, and complex-number arithmetic operations.
Sundance Digital Processing
Reno, NV, USA

Area-scan cameras detect detail

Two new multimegapixel area-scan cameras, the Pantera TF 6M8 and Pantera TF 11M4, are based on the company’s TrueFrame image-sensor technology. They offer a combination of resolution, fast frame rate (up to 8.5 frames/s), and high dynamic range for flat panel-display inspection, nondestructive x-ray testing, biomedical and scientific imaging, and aerial reconnaissance. The Pantera cameras are part of a line of area-scan cameras, with resolutions ranging from 1 to 11 Mpixels. Coupled with data rates of up to 2 × 36 MHz, both cameras allow for inspection systems with fewer cameras, which can help lower overall system costs, while improving efficiency and increasing system throughput.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Sensor delivers high resolution

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PresencePLUS P4 GEO 1.3 high-resolution vision sensor has a 1.3-Mpixel imager, the P4 GEO 1.3, which performs detailed inspections within the sensor’s field of view. Added resolution enables the sensor to perform inspections where the sensing distance is extended to increase the sensor’s field of view. The sensor inspects for correct features regardlessof product orientation or position within the sensor’s field of view, because of the powerful geometric pattern find and count tools, which make fixture-free inspection possible. The P4 GEO 1.3 is interfaced to machinery or factory networks via a built-in 10/100 Ethernet connection, RS-232, or discrete input/outputs. It is available in both in-line and right-angle versions-defined by the location of the lens on the end or side of the sensor housing.
Banner Engineering
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Sensor captures full-frame images

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In-Sight 5403, a 2-Mpixel vision sensor, captures full-frame, 1600 × 1200 images at up to 15 frames/s for highly detailed inspection of fast-moving objects. It is a self-contained, industrial-grade vision sensor that meets IEC specifications for shock and vibration, and achieves an IP67 (NEMA 6) rating for dust and wash-downprotection. It offers built-in Ethernet communications and In-Sight Explorer software, which combines a vision spreadsheet interface with advanced tools to simplify application development and network administration. PatMax is available as an option.
Natick, MA, USA

Lens intensifier dissects images

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High-gain, UV-sensitive lens intensifier systems (LISs) enhance low-light image-capture applications. The compact, rugged LISs increase the sensitivity of high-speed electronic and video cameras to facilitate recording frame rates up to 100,000 images/s, allowing better temporal dissection of low-light transient events. Incorporating a submicrosecond-decay phosphor on the image intensifier output screen the LIS allows images to be recorded without significant loss of quality. The LISs come with a choice of relay lenses that provide compatibility with most commercially available high-speed electronic and video cameras.
Specialised Imaging
Tring, UK

System features 2-Mpixel CCD

CV-2600 high-speed machine-vision system features a 2-Mpixel CCD (1620 × 1220 pixels) in a compact camera housing. The CCD can inspect an area four times larger than conventional cameras at the same resolution. Camera sensitivity is adjustable in 81 increments and a new flexible camera cable, which can withstand more than 1 million bend cycles, is available for robotic applications. On-screen programming menus guide users through setup procedures. ASIC technology enables high-speed, real-time rotational searches with a minimum speed of 61 ms.
Keyence America
Woodcliff Lake, NJ, USA

Lens has high resolution

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The SOD-10X is a lightweight, C-mountable telecentric micro machine lens (MML) that has greater resolution than standard MMLs and provides high-contrast images. The 1.5-mm spatial resolution, high numerical aperture, and long working distance is useful for demanding applications such as semiconductor or LCD alignment and inspection. Available options include optical-axis conversion prisms, 90° prisms, and LED coaxial illumination. Packaged in compact, low-mass designs, the lenses are assembled to endure harsh environments.
Moritex Europe
Cambridge, UK

Digital camera has high frame rate

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TM-6710CL, a Camera Link version of the TM-6710 machine vision camera, features noninterlace, quad-speed, 120-frames/s video at full VGA resolution and uses a 1/2-in. Kodak KAI-0330D CCD (648 × 484). The camera has simultaneous analog and digital video output. Full-frame electronic shutter with asynchronous reset permits shutter speeds ranging from 1/60 to 1/32,000 s. Camera Link digital interface offers connection, as well as software control for gain, A/D/ ref., shutter, and mode selection. The camera measures 46.1 × 39.6 × 140 mm.
JAI Pulnix
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

FireWire camera targets OEMs

The EC750 is a digital FireWire (IEEE-1394) camera for machine vision and industrial imaging, available in either monochrome or color versions. The camera comes with 1/3-in. CMOS sensor that provides 752 × 480-pixel resolution at 60 frames/s. User controls include 20-μs to 5-s exposure control, trigger I/O via four-pin Hirose connector, and selectable fixed-frame-rate features. The housing is 28 × 46 × 33 mm, and 1/3-in C-mount lens is optional.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Accessory aids mark reading

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LightRay Optics is a patented lighting solution that attaches to the front of the MS-Q Quadrus hand-held imager. By directing light at the symbol (or mark) at a very shallow angle, the LightRay increases symbol contrast and improves overall symbol readability. No custom programming is required to read several different code types. The LightRay Optics is constructed of industrial-grade materials to withstand harsh factory environments.
Renton, WA, USA

Lighting system is rugged

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The X-Beam is a rugged, high-intensity LED beam lighting system, available in a variety of colors. It can be used with either line or load-side switching, depending on application speed. The X-beam connects to the power supply via a circular, 4-pin, water-resistant connector. A single X-beam assembly measures 1.5 × 1.75 × 1.5 in. It is available in configurations with up to five LEDs. X-beam systems feature a solid aluminum housing, with either a single 1/4-in. 20 bolt or two 8-32 bolts mounted on 1-in. centers.
FSI Machine Vision
Lombard, IL, USA

System has 20-μm resolution

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Micro thermal-imaging system consists of the Infrasight thermal-imaging camera, 20-μm lens, optical mounting table, vertical focusing stage, locking x-y stage with micrometers, adjustable cooling fan, Dell tower PC with LCD multimedia monitor, cables, and Thermalyze image-analysis software. Optional accessories include a thermal stage and controller, I/O module with eight relay outputs, and wide-angle lens (resolution 100 μm to infinity). The Infrasight camera obtains the temperature at 19,200 individual points on each image with temperature sensitivity of 0.2°C for the microscopic lens and 0.1°C with wide-angle lens. Thermalyze software provides real-time, 30 frames/s viewing, automatic emissivity correction, and analysis tools to obtain the temperature information needed quickly and easily.
Sewickley, PA, USA

Interconnect integrates FPGAs

Version 2.0 of the FPGA Compute Node Developer’s Kit (FDK) includes IP cores for the RACE-on-Chip (RoC) high-bandwidth interconnect that extends the multicomputer fabric inside the FPGA to access other IP cores such as high-speed DRAM, SRAM, sensor I/O, and system-level fabric interfaces. Each FPGA application module can use the RoC interconnect to transfer data through DMA master/slave endpoints to the high-speed switch fabric. The FDK 2.0 supports RACE++ FPGA-based computing products, including the PCI-based VantageRT FCN and the VME-based MCJ6 FCN. Both hardware products use Xilinx FPGAs connected to the RACE++ switch fabric to provide integrated acceleration of front-end signal and image processing.
Mercury Computer Systems
Chelmsford, MA, USA

Boards support Camera Link

NI PCI-1426 low-cost image-acquisition board is for base-configuration Camera Link cameras. It features onboard image binarization, 16 Mbytes of onboard memory, and an optically isolated 15-pin D-Sub connector for camera triggering and system synchronization. The PCI-1426 completes a suite of Camera Link image-acquisition boards that includes the NI PCI-1428 image-acquisition board for medium-configuration Camera Link cameras and the NI PCIe-1429, a PCI Express frame grabber, for full-configuration Camera Link cameras. The PCI-1426, PCI-1428, and NI PCIe-1429 boards are for both high-speed, industrial inspection applications and high-resolution scientific imaging applications.
National instruments
Austin, TX, USA

Device enables closed-door scans

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Viewport is UL-approved device that allows closed-door infrared inspections of electrical panels. Matched with the company’s SpyGlass fisheye lens, it permits scanning of a panel by looking through a single port’s 0.62-in. opening. Three styles are available. The standard Viewport model is closed with a protective O-ring-sealed, screw-on cap when not in use. Other models include a locking device or a window with a locking device. With a focus range of 4 in. (10 cm) to infinity and a large depth of field, the SpyGlass lens reduces the need to refocus for different electrical cabinet depths.
Mikron Infrared
Hancock, MI, USA

Laser sensing improves inspection

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Optyx G6 3000 Series Sorter with Raptor Laser Technology combines the company’s G6 color cameras and G6 sorting platform with laser technology to maximize the simultaneous detection and removal of defects and foreign material in food. The Optyx G6 3000 Series features a 24-in.-wide scan width and up to three sensors located above and/or below the product stream. The compact, self-contained unit can be inserted into the processing line. Optyx features a flat belt with air tensioning for consistent tracking and minimal maintenance. There is an icon-based graphical user interface.
Key Technology
Walla Walla, WA, USA

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