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FireWire added to CCD cameras; Board compresses video; Analog camera has 2-Mpixel resolution; FireWire cameras support Linux and MORE…

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FireWire added to CCD cameras

Th 0510vsd Product01
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A631f/fc and A641f/fc extend the A600 family of cameras. At full resolution, the A631 runs at nearly 19 frames/s and the A641 at 14 frames/s. The cameras are based on progressive-scan CCD sensors, and both models are available in monochrome and color. The 1/2-in. sensor used in the A631 has a resolution of 1392 × 1040 pixels, and each pixel is 4.65 µm square. The A641f camera has a 1/1.8-in. sensor with 1624 × 1236-pixel resolution and 4.4-µm square pixels. The maximum frame rate can be increased by using the area-of-interest feature. With a long exposure mode now included as part of the company’s Smart Features Framework, shutter time can be set at up to 5 s (uncooled).
Basler Vision Components
Ahrensburg, Germany

Board compresses video

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DORADOquattro video-compression board offers a DSP platform for digital video recording. Using four parallel video streams and a maximum extension of 20 cameras, DORADOquattro provides up to 100 frames/s. The DSP-based board performs text overlay, motion detection, and control of one video output. The analog video out offers a split-screen or a sequential view of attached cameras. Up to four DORADOquattro boards can be installed in a single PC. To minimize programming, a SDK provides necessary modules for application integration.
IDS Imaging Development Systems
Obersulm, Germany

Analog camera has 2-Mpixel resolution

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The CV-A2 camera is based on a 1/1.8-in.-format Sony ICX274AL CCD image sensor and is housed in a 29 × 44 × 66-mm housing. The camera is capable of 15 full frames/s and features 1628 × 1236-pixel resolution. All settings are selected via an RS-232C interface using short ASCII commands via a terminal emulator or by using JAI Control Tool software.
JAI Pulnix
San Jose, CA, USA

FireWire cameras support Linux

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Monochrome CCD FireWire linescan cameras have a resolution of 2048 pixels. They feature functions such as amplification, offset, and exposure time settings, together with binning and true partial scan (ROI) options to increase sensitivity or frame rates. Trigger and flash interfaces-available directly at the housing-give process synchronization. An 8-Mbyte image memory, integrated into the cameras, ensures that even in multicamera solutions all image data are transferred securely and at high speed. The available bandwidth of the IEEE 1394a standard allows transfer rates up to 45 Mbytes/s. The software device driver for the FireWire interface (FCAM1394) is based on the OHCI standard for Windows and Linux.
Baumer Optronic
Radeberg, Germany

Zoom lens is small

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Miniature f/2.8 color zoom lens (type 207) matches the resolution offered by high-quality color CCTV cameras. Measuring 50 × 34 × 31 mm, the 6- to 18-mm zoom lens is designed for use with single-chip 1/2- and 1/3-in. CCTV cameras in applications including broadcast TV and unmanned vehicles. The lens can focus on an object from infinity to 35 mm in front of the lens. The image stays in focus throughout the zoom range (focus tracking).
Resolve Optics
London, UK

Thermal cameras are portable

digiCam/2-IR thermal-imaging cameras feature a 5-in., sunlight-readable color display; 180° articulating lens; video output port; compact flash port; and PC software for off-camera image review and analysis. Three interchangeable lens options are available to serve different field-of-view needs.
Niles, IL, USA

Device reads wafer ID marks

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Iris P700 wafer reader is designed for reading ID marks on semiconductor wafers. It incorporates custom LED-based illumination and optics, as well as a high-resolution image sensor, in a compact remote head connected to a small-footprint processor unit based on the Intel Celeron. The processor unit runs the Matrox Imaging Library character-recognition and code-reading software, which together recognize SEMI standard alphanumeric, bar-, and matrix-code wafer ID marks. Both software tools are robust to the degraded ID marks encountered in wafer manufacturing. Iris P700 wafer reader comes preinstalled with Windows CE .NET real-time operating system.
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada

Low-cost, high drive module

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DT9817-H, a data-acquisition digital I/O mini-instrument for USB 2.0 communications, is for applications requiring a large number of high-current outputs. It provides 28 programmable digital I/O lines, is based on TTL emulations, and will sink 64 mA, or source 15 mA, at standard logic levels. The DT9817-H ships with the GO! application, providing easy-to-use measurement solutions. Signal connections are made directly to the module’s built-in screw terminals, and the modules plugs into any PC’s USB port.
Data Translation
Marlboro, MA, USA

Cameras have more power

High-Sensitivity (HS) series of linescan cameras have more power, speed, and resolution than their predecessors. The 8K80 camera operates with throughput up to 640 MHz. Features include line rates up to 36 kHz (4k), 34 kHz (8k40), or 68 kHz (8k80); Camera Link interface; ±50-µm sensor alignment accuracy; high responsivity; and flat-field correction. HS series has a selectable number of taps, bit depth, and Camera Link mode. Other programmable features include direction and exposure control, and gain and offset control.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Camera analyzes motion

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The Mikrotron MotionBLITZ Cube is a compact, full-featured motion-analysis system. It has frame rates up to 1000 frames/s at its full resolution of 640 × 512 pixels and up to 32,000 frames/s at reduced resolution. It comes with easy-to-use Windows-based software. Features include recording time up to 6 s; internal, rechargeable battery for stand-alone use; recording stop from an external trigger; Gigabit Ethernet interface for fast data transfer; and image archiving in BMP and AVI file format.
San Diego, CA, USA

Reader identifies fan blades

Zynergy Blade Reader is a turnkey solution designed for automatic identification and data capture of low-contrast Data Matrix marks on aerospace turbine-fan blades. The 272 × 160 × 91-mm reader incorporates machine-vision hardware, software, and LED lighting to ensure consistent reading performance. Features include turnkey configuration, ease of installation, and fiberglass industrial enclosure.
Zynergy Solutions
Rochester, NY, USA

Sensor inspects colored objects

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The compact Simatic MV220 colored-surface sensor performs 30 test operations per second. It has a robust plastic/metallic housing and is suitable for use in industrial environments. The digital camera for inspecting the objects, which is equipped with a CMOS chip, has a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. The lens system can adjust the display field from 40 × 30 to 200 × 150 mm and the distance-to-object range from 50 to 250 mm. An incandescent light source and a laser-based alignment system have been integrated. The system can learn as many as 16 test models.
Siemens Automation and Drives
Nuremberg, Germany

Fiber transmits images

New method produces very small fiber diameters, ranging from 2.5 up to 6 µm, to provide high-resolution, low-shear image transmission for coherent fiberoptic faceplates and tapers. The technology is used for medical x-ray, industrial x-ray, and display applications and is also used in night-vision applications and for high-resolution image intensification for commercial security applications. Optical properties include a wide acceptance angle (NA = 1.0) and resolution up to 228 lp/mm.
Schott North America
Southbridge, MA, USA

Cameras have built-in features

IMPACT T26 and T27 come with built-in image-processing capabilities. The IMPACT T26 incorporates a 1280 × 1024-pixel CMOS imager; the IMPACT T27 has a 1600 × 1200-pixel CCD imager. Each member of the IMPACT T-series contains a high-performance microprocessor and real-time operating system, plus a digital imaging sensor. The electronic components are contained in a sealed industrial unit that can be installed directly into assembly lines and manufacturing equipment. The cameras are supported by the company’s Inspection Builder software.
PPT Vision
Eden Prairie, MN, USA

Cameras are flexible

Th 0510vsd Product10
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The PicPort-Express-CL series is designed around FPGA technology to offer flexibility, high performance, field upgradability, and customization. The highest-speed Camera Link receivers (85 MHz) have been used to guarantee standard support for high-performance cameras. The series is available in PCIe X1 or X4 form factors, single or dual Camera Link connectors (mono/stereo), and optional preprocessing capabilities, making eight different models to choose from. The PicPort-Express-CL family was designed to interface Camera Link cameras through PCIe. A linescan and area-scan camera can be used simultaneously and independently on the same board.
Leutron Vision
Glattbrugg, Switzerland

Camera works outdoors day/night

TeleEye SF389 outdoor day/night varifocal auto-iris IR camera supports IR illumination and comes with varifocal, f/3.8-9.5 auto-iris IR lens, and IR-cut filter. The SF389 automatic-switching IR-cut filter produces accurate color images under natural light and provides monochrome images in low-light or no-light conditions. During the daytime, the IR-cut filter removes IR components in the natural environment showing clear color definition. Under no-light conditions, the SF389 removes its IR-cut filter and turns on its IR LEDs to deliver black-and-white images under IR illumination. The camera has a 1/3-in. high-definition interline-transfer CCD and delivers images with 480 TV lines. The camera features back-light compensation and auto gain control.
TeleEye Group
Hong Kong, China

Reader works in demanding conditions

IDCoder, a fully integrated 2-D code reader with optional plug-in display modules, can read directly applied 2-D codes under factory-floor conditions. The inclusion of new software-controlled lighting options and the exclusion of ambient light means readings can be taken from parts made from a variety of materials, even those with a highly reflective surface. An optional plug-in module has a two-line text display to indicate the data contained within a code just read. The unit weighs 2.6 kg and operates under Windows XP/2000.
Absolute Vision
Meriden, UK

Device tests illumination

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Test lights are individually and dynamically adjustable to various illumination values. The 12-bit drive of the light sources permits setting of the correlated color temperature on Planck’s curve. In addition, you can select any color within the chromaticity coordinates. The illuminance value can also be set within a wide range. The test illumination device is optionally equipped with a monitor-a spectrometer for the control of the chromaticity coordinates and the correlated color temperature, respectively.
Weingarten, Germany

Controller works with many lenses

Th 0510vsd Product12
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Upgraded 6.25 × 5.25 × 1.25-in. lens controller, the V3LC, allows computer control of most CCTV motorized lenses via a computer’s standard serial port. It features accurate control of up to six axes for zoom, focus, and iris; networks up to 16 lens controllers (V3LC-N) to one PC; controls two lenses independently or in stereo control of pan/tilt units; has simple ASCII RS232/485 serial communications protocol; comes with an SDK and example code; and runs off 15 Vdc. It is compatible with lenses from Fujinon, Cosmicar, Computar, Chugai, and Tamron.
Image Labs International
Bozeman, MT, USA

IR detector is low cost

Full-TV-resolution, uncooled infrared detector, the UL 04 17 1 is well suited to low-cost thermal digital imaging. The module is made from a 640 × 480-pixel array of amorphous silicon microbolometer with a pitch of 25 µm integrated into a miniature package compatible with an existing 384 × 288/35-µm array. Typical NETD is less than 85 mK (f/1, 300 K, 60 Hz).
Veurey Voroize, France

Camera analyzes in the IR

VarioTHERM Camera Head, a universal mid-wavelength infrared camera, is for real-time thermal analysis in scientific and industrial applications. The camera features spectral sensitivity of 1.8 to 5 µm and an integrated spectral filter wheel for wavelength-specific image capture. VarioTHERM has a sterling-cooled (PtSi) high-performance FPA sensor and a cooling layout optimized for long-term stability under continuous operation. It generates 256 × 256-pixel resolution images in a temperature range from −25°C to 1200°C. It also features a Firewire-PC interface for easy integration and remote camera management, plus an on-board CompactFlash memory slot.
Infrared Solutions
Minneapolis, MN, USA

HALCON updated

Th 0510vsd Product13
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Version 7.1 of HALCON features data-code reader PDF417. HALCON’s PDF417 reader is robust to occlusions and to poor print quality, invariant to image contrast and to rotation, and allows simultaneous detection of multiple PDF417 instances. Automatic parameter determination eases matching and can be used for alignment, completeness checks, inspection, measuring and comparison, position recognition, print inspection, recognition of objects, shape recognition, and linescan-camera calibration. Interior camera parameter and pose are determined, and pixel coordinates can be converted into world coordinates. Other features are gray-value calibration, self-calibration, and uncalibrated stereo.
MVTec Software
Munich, Germany

Simulator works in harsh environments

Th 0510vsd Product14
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CLS-211 Camera Link simulator is a high-performance video-test-pattern generator supporting all Camera Link configurations. Fully programmable video timing enables the CLS-211 to mimic the characteristics of virtually any camera with video clock rates up to 85 MHz. The CLS-211 is controlled with any PC with a standard RS-232 serial port. The simulator is useful for development, test, integration, and field service of Camera Link products and systems. Housed in an aluminum enclosure, it can be used in industrial environments.
Vivid Engineering
Shrewsbury, MA, USA

Device detects defects

Leica LDS3300 C , part of the company’s LDS series, combines simultaneous micro and macro defect detection for all 300-mm-wafer applications. The macro module of the Leica LDS3300 C system automatically captures a full-color image of an entire wafer surface. This image is compared as die-to-die or die-to-reference information. Differences are considered as defects and are compared to an image library of known classified defect groups.
Leica Microsystems
Wetzlar, Germany

Barcode verifier operates easily

INTEGRA 9500 camera-based barcode verifier is officially certified by the Uniform Code Council authorities as 100% compliant for all EAN/UCC system users. Additionally, this PC-based verifier is in full compliance with the data-storage regulations for the US pharmaceutical industry, as defined in 21.CFR.Part 11. The INTEGRA 9500 is an all-in-one barcode verifier for linear and 2-D codes, with analytical software that is easy to operate. By placing the label with the code on the viewing platform, the code is automatically discriminated and fully ISO-graded. The unit shows clearly if and in which area of the code it has found irregularities to help the operator/printer adjust his equipment. Many combinations of different symbologies, both linear and 2-D, can be verified at one time.
StarTrack LVS
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

CCTV lenses inspect components

Th 0510vsd Product15
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ML-L series macro lenses process large fields of view. Based on proprietary optical technology, the lenses provide high-speed inspection of defective wafers, large-area CCD camera elements (up to 57.3-mm diameter), lead frames, printed substrates, and defective films. Designed to provide high resolution (to 7 mm) and high contrast, the numerical aperture of each macro lens is large and chromatic aberration/TV distortion minimal. Integral focus adjustment provides the additional flexibility of fine magnification optimization. Optional adaptors enable the lenses to be used with a wide range of camera mounts.
Moritex Europe
Cambridge, UK

Camera captures frames fast

Hyper Vision HPV-1 ultrahigh-speed video camera combines speed of operation with the ability to maintain image clarity at high frame rates. At recording speeds from 30 to 1 million frame/s, the HPV-1 produces high-definition images at 312 × 260-pixel resolution-up to 80,000 pixels/image. With storage capabilities built directly into the camera’s imaging chip, 100 monochrome shots can be saved in BMP, TIF, or AVI formats. The camera, which can be used with general-purpose Nikon F-mount SLR lenses, also features user-friendly dedicated control unit software that permits quick-start recording. The sensor chip combines CCD technology with a design that expands the light-sensitive area per pixel.
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Columbia, MD, USA

Camera line adds color

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PC-1280/CLC, low-cost color model of the company’s Phoenix USB 2.0 digital camera, is a color camera with resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixels. It also supports arbitrary region of interest at 15 frames/s for full resolution and 60 frames/s for 640 × 480-pixel resolution. A 10-bit LUT and 16 Mbytes of frame memory are built in the camera hardware. A trigger input and strobe output are available through a separate Hirose connector. The new model provides color video in 10- or 8-bit Bayer RGB pattern format.
Billerica, MA, USA

One-axis linear slide is flexible

Self-contained one-axis linear slide adds a seventh or eighth axis when used with another robot. It can be floor or ceiling mounted and comes equipped with a mounting face on the carriage for the attachment to a robot. It is driven by a brushless ac servomotor with rack-and-pinion gearing. Range of movement is managed by programmable software limit switches with mechanical stops if these limit switches are overrun. The slide is offered in three sizes to accommodate robot models with varying payload capacities: the KL 250/2 is designed for robots with 6- to 16-kg payload capacities, the KL 100 for 30- to 60-kg payloads, and the KL 1500/2 for 100- to 500 kg payloads.
KUKA Robotics
Augsburg, Germany

Repeater reduces cable limits

Th 0510vsd Product17
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Company offers a camera with optical-repeater FO800R for applications where longer cable distances have to be covered. The FO800R consists of two repeaters connected via glass fiberoptic cable, making it easy to reach distances of up to 1000 m between camera and PC. The speed for the IEEE 1394b standard reaches 800, 400, 200, and 100 Mbits/s and for the IEEE 1394a standard 400, 200, and 100 Mbits/s. The FO800R includes two repeaters, one power supply, and two 1394 cables. The optical cable is available in lengths from 10 to 1000 m.
New Electronic Technology
Finning, Germany

Software counts particles

Metallurgical microscope software, Material Pro 3.0, used with a metallurgical microscope, enables automatic counting of particles. It has three intensity ranges. Total particle count is derived, as well as maximum diameter, minimum diameter, maximum area, and minimum area. Each particle can be distinguished and numbered automatically. The software can be used to measure density parameters of the image object (particles powders, inclusions, and grains).
Raj Overseas
Ahmedabad, India

Lenses improve light efficiency

Th 0510vsd Product18
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New series of telecentric lenses with incidence angle close to normal minimize shading. Currently three lens types with magnification from 1X to 0.01X are available. The focal lengths are 22 mm for 1/2-in. CCD, 44 mm for up to 2/3-in. CCD, and 54 mm for sensor types up to 1 in. All lenses have variable iris, focus, magnification adjustment, and f/5.0.
Sill Optics
Wendelstein, Germany

Videoscope includes hand-held control unit

Th 0510vsd Product19
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VideoFlex Series is an easy-to-use, high-resolution, remote imaging system featuring four-way tip articulation and an integrated control/display handpiece with a 6.4-in. LCD display. It features a tight bending radius and a totally steerable four-way, 150° articulated tip that allows manipulation around corners, through pipe bends, and past blockages. The working portion of the scope is protected with polyurethane-impregnated tungsten braiding and is available in diameters of 0.236 to 0.330 in. The videoscope can be used in covert surveillance, explosive ordinance disposal, and armament applications. Each VideoFlex scope is furnished with a 12-Vdc power supply and a rugged case; a variety of light sources are available.
Lenox Instrument Company
Trevose, PA, USA

Addition to line of digital cameras

The DX4/40 digital camera has a 2/3-in. CCD sensor and offers 1384 × 1032-pixel resolution, 15 frames/s, Camera Link interface, and low-noise 61-dB and 12-bit digital signal processing. Other features include external triggeirng, binning, and restart/reset. The camera is 60 × 60 × 47 cm.
Kappa opto-electronics
Gleichen, Germany

Camera separates electronics

Th 0510vsd Product20
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MegaPlus II EC11000, an actively cooled industrial camera, separates and isolates the camera’s primary electronics from the sensor’s cooling path. It features a fan-optional design, which allows it to operate in cooling modes with or without a fan accessory attached. It supports up to 5 frames/s at 12 bits/pixel. Using Peltier cooling, both dark noise and thermal drift are reduced.
San Diego, CA, USA

Small camera gives clear images

Monochrome 22 × 26-mm double-board CCD camera with USB 2.0 output, model 20K13XUSB, produces clear images at 30 frames/s. It utilizes a 768 × 494-pixel monochrome Sony Ex-View CCD for ultralow-level imaging with near-IR sensitivity out to 1 mm. There is no analog redundancy, which means less opportunity for image error or artifacting. The camera comes with WDM device drivers and is DirectX and TWAIN compliant. It comes with a choice of metal lens mounts and lenses: pinhole, M12 board style, or CS lens mount.
Videology Imaging Solutions,
Greenville, RI, USA

Compact C-mount lenses enable use of 1-in.-format sensors

Th 0510vsd Product21
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New C-mount lenses improve image quality of cameras with large CCD and CMOS sensors for high-end inspection and measurement applications. The Cinegon CNG 1.9/10 and CNG 1.8/16 lenses feature a 16-mm image circle and iris-locking mechanism. Ultrafine-focus adjustments are easily achieved through its focusing mechanism. The lenses feature a broadband antireflection coating for the spectral range of 400 to 1000 nm, which eliminates stray light.
Schneider Optics
Hauppauge, NY, USA

Video development platform

S55VDP video development platform is based on the company’s S5500 software-configurable processor. It provides an all-inclusive hardware and software development environment and enables embedded-system developers to customize and accelerate a range of video applications. The platform can accept a variety of video inputs, including NTSC/PAL composite and S-video, as well as HD component input, and supports HD component video output. Features include a S5500 device, 256 Mbytes DDR400 SDRAM SO-DIMM, 4 Mbytes Flash, and 8 Kbits EEPROMs.
Mountain View, CA, USA

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