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Nov. 1, 2006
Barcode imager reads without static; Laser-diode module assists machine vision; Remote multihead system is high speed; Device reads codes and MORE…

Barcode imager reads without static

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Quadrus MINI ESD Safe, a miniature fixed-mount imager can be safely and easily integrated into ESD-sensitive assembly processes. The compact size of the device, combined with high-resolution optics and a wide field of view, allows close-range reading of static-sensitive parts and components. Featuring a megapixel sensor and advanced algorithms, the RoHS/WEEE-compliant Quadrus reads long barcodes and high-density 2-D symbols in any direction on multiple surfaces. Autofocus, EZ button setup, and Good Read green flash make it easy to use.
Renton, WA, USA

Laser-diode module assists machine vision

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Series of industry-grade line-laser diode modules are for machine vision and alignment applications. They are easy-to-use plug-and-play laser systems suitable for alignment and positioning of materials including garments, cloth, paper, stone, wood, and metal. The lasers offer a wide range of projections including adjustable line, uniform or Gaussian, crosshair, line arrays, multiple dots, concentric rings, and scope. Different models offer both bright red and green color of light and variable intensities to maximize the visual appearance of the projection even against the darkest materials.
Frankfurt Laser Company
Friedrichsdorf, Germany

Remote multihead system is high speed

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FASTCAM MH-4 digital video imaging system allows the use of one to four detachable camera heads, each measuring 35 × 35 × 35 mm (less than 1.5 in.³ without lens) and weighing less than 100 grams. The system features full 512 x 512-pixel resolution up to 2000 frames/s and up to 10,000 frames/s at reduced resolution. FASTCAM MH-4 camera system uses a 10-µm-square pixel with an 8-bit monochrome and 24-bit color CMOS sensor. The tilting camera mount features compact NF style lenses, with a C-mount adaptor also available.
San Diego, CA, USA

Device reads codes

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PIATI_SBC consists of software and a small single-board smart camera suitable for stand-alone packaging or integration into an existing enclosure. It is easily configured using a PC-based program that features a graphical user interface, which also supports selection and configuration of supplementary automatic identification tools that can be used in addressing certain trainable OCR and interleaved two of five barcode-reading applications. The PIATI_SBC is powered by a DSP, is equipped with image/data and program memory, and has a 640 × 480-pixel resolution CCD sensor that provides progressive-scan capability. It features two digital inputs, four digital outputs, an RS-232 serial communications interface, and a connector through which external illumination can be controlled.
The Value Engineering Alliance
Cambridge, MA, USA

Multispectral camera has wide dynamic range

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Color linescan camera uses a prismatic beamsplitter to ensure separation of three color channels and near-IR channel. XIIMUS camera has broad dynamic range, improved speed, and sensitivity. It comes with Camera Link or LVDS interface.
TVI Vision
Helsinki, Finland

Repeater extends FireWire reach

FireNEX-CAT5 is an IEEE-1394b-compliant repeater for long-distance connection. The FireNEX-CAT5 can send IEEE-1394 signals across a regular Cat5 cable up to 100 m long at a data rate of 100 Mbits/s. It comes in a box slightly larger than a deck of cards and weighs 91 g. The repeater works with both PCs and Macs.
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Vision cell directs robots

Robotic vision cell acts as an inline inspection machine, examining up to 150 component features in 5 s. It is equipped with an articulating robot arm that pulls product off a conveyor feedline, presents it to a single- or multiple-camera viewing station, then returns the part to the assembly process or rejects it into containers. Various product features can be inspected, including overall dimension, component presence, and relative position. The vision cell performs automatic validation cycles, based on the preset values programmed. Program cycles can be reviewed on the touch screen in real time. The cell has onboard Ethernet connectivity for uploading data to a host process controller.
Belden Machine
Broadview, IL, USA

Digital I/O system is ready to go

The RTG002 is a self-contained, programmable digital I/O system. It can be used stand-alone or connected to a PC via the USB 2.0 connection. The FPGA I/Os are directly connected to the digital I/O connectors, allowing them to be used as single-ended or differential signals with any mix of inputs and outputs. The Virtex-II FPGA can be programmed to provide logic or data-processing functions. The USB connection is supported via the company’s Host-API software.
Hunt Engineering
Brent Knoll, UK

Small camera processes quickly

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The Flea2 is a cost-effective and reliable IEEE-1394b 29 × 29 × 30-mm camera. Based on 1/3-in. CCD sensors, the Flea2 delivers high-quality 640 × 480 images at up to 80 frames/s or 1024 × 768 at 30 frames/s. Features include on-camera color processing, auto-sync between multiple Flea2 cameras, external trigger and strobe output, and 2 × 2 binning for fast frame rate. FlyCapture SDK is included for image acquisition and camera control. The Flea2 will be available in monochrome and color models.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sphere measures LED intensity

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IS-LI enables rapid, comprehensive measurement of the luminous intensity of LEDs and other small light sources. Based on patented integrating-sphere technology, the IS-LI acquires luminous-intensity data over an entire 2p steradian in a single measurement in seconds or less. The system delivers up to 16-bit luminance measurements, with an angular resolution of 1% or better. Alternately, the IS‑LI can analyze color versus emission angle. The IS-LI consists of a 20-in.-diameter, hemispherical measurement chamber mated with a CCD-based imaging photometer or colorimeter. Data can be displayed as isometric plots, cross-sectional graphs, radar plots, bit maps, and color graphs.
Radiant Imaging
Duvall, WA, USA

Linear actuator is alternative

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Linear actuator is designed for positioning requirements in electronics, semiconductor, medical, packaging, assembly equipment, automotive, and other applications. It is lead-screw driven and provides an electromechanical alternative to a pneumatic actuator. The actuator uses both Kerkote TFE coating and Kerkite high-performance composite polymers in combination with precision lead screws and is designed to accept NEMA size 17, 23, and 34 motors.
Kerk Motion Products
Hollis, NH, USA

Toolkit assists access to remote hardware

Version 8.0 of DSP21k toolkit is a collection of libraries, applications, and diagnostics that help users to easily integrate their applications with the company’s hardware and includes the Host Interface Library, BitLoader, Diag21k, DSPTest, DSPBAD, FlashLoader, and DSPGraph. The toolkit now supports both 32- and 64-bit operating systems, making it possible for toolkits running on 32-bit systems to access remote hardware on 64-bit systems, or vice versa.
Concord, NH, USA

Software recognizes display

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Artista Control Center is software that works in conjunction with the ArtistaNET or ArtistaUSB display controllers to control multiple displays simultaneously, showing similar or different content with just one PC via connection to a LAN or USB interface. Client PCs that have traditionally been necessary at each monitor are now redundant, reducing total cost and simplifying installation. The software automatically recognizes up to six Artista kits, six TFT LCDs, all necessary inverters, cables and power supplies, and a client PC. This enables importing of digital images in different formats. Up to 30 images/s can be displayed with good quality.
Apollo Display Technologies
Ronkonkoma, NY, USA

System is embedded

DeepSea G2 Stereo Vision System is a small, multipurpose, embedded stereo camera that can be deployed in mobile platforms such as commercial and defense robots or automobiles, or networked into person-tracking security systems. The low power and small footprint of the embedded G2 vision system permit real-time 3-D vision processing in applications and products where traditional workstations cannot be used. The system integrates two CMOS imagers, the company’s DeepSea II stereo image-processing ASIC, and an FPGA. The G2 transforms the incoming data into 3-D object maps with the use of vision primitives implemented directly in hardware.
Menlo Park, CA, USA

Function brings light into darkness

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Company has expanded its driver software for uEye series of cameras. Key is the “gain boost” function, which brings light into darkness. When gain and exposure are no longer sufficient, the analog image signal is “amplified,” brightening the image by a factor of 1.4 to 2, depending on the camera model. The gain-boost feature is available for all CCD monochrome models and many CMOS versions of the uEye series. In addition, the software provides various functions for special models, including the possibility of long-time exposure up to 5.5 s for the UI-1220 CMOS camera and an enhanced image resolution of 1360 x 1024 pixels for the UI-2340 CCD model. Version 2.20 and current update 2.21 can be downloaded for free at company Web site.
IDS Imaging Development Systems
Obersulm, Germany

Update features metrology tool

Processing Pack 3 for Matrox Imaging Library measures and constructs geometric features. Users can measure finite features such as arcs, circles, line segments, and points in specific image regions and can construct features within the image as well as define and validate tolerances from dimensions, positions, and shape. Other Processing Pack 3 enhancements include a function to facilitate 3-D profiling, support for reconstituting blobs that straddle adjoining images, as well as an adaptive threshold to facilitate reading 1-D barcodes in nonuniform lighting conditions.
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada

Monitor aids tracking

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JETVision Express system can be configured, packaged, shipped, and installed in days. A new universal mount enables users to set up JETVision Express in any business process that requires monitoring or tracking. JETVision Express provides a comprehensive selection of machine-vision modules ranging from single-camera operations to complex integrity and tracking systems. These modules read 1- and 2-D barcodes, as well as image patterns and font-independent OCR symbologies. JETVision Express modules can also test mail pieces to ensure they comply with the latest postal requirements. In addition, JETVision Express operations can share data and job information with other systems such as the BÖWE One.
Böwe Bell+Howell
Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

Systems aid packaging industry

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Machine-vision systems for use in the packaging industry include applications such as label reading, OCR and OCV, barcode and 2-D matrix code reading, assembly verification, presence/absence detection, color analysis, shape and orientation, and alignment. The systems are rugged industrial or embedded PC-based analyzers with digital cameras, continuous or strobe lighting, and configurable software. Software functions include triggered acquisition, monochrome and color analysis, pattern matching, image manipulation tools, filters, arithmetic and logic functions, morphology, edge detection, particle analysis, calibration, and dimension gauging.
Quantum Vision Technologies
Markham, ON, Canada

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