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Linescan camera works in three modes; LED ringlight is shadow-free; FireWire camera works in ultralow light; Board has PCI Express interface and MORE…

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Linescan camera works in three modes

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VC4002L linescan camera supports three integration modes: the first, the free-running mode, enables a scan rate of 11 kHz; a second mode has a constant integration time and allows the camera to be triggered externally at a maximum scan rate of 5.5 kHz; a third mode allows for a variable integration time that is determined by external triggering, reaching a maximum scan rate of 11 kHz. The camera comes equipped with 32 Mbytes DRAM and 4 Mbytes Flash EPROM for program and data storage. It features both an Ethernet and an RS-232 interface, as well as four digital PLC inputs and four outputs, an image trigger input, and a flash trigger output. It measures 90 × 50 × 35 mm and is suited for use in rugged industrial environments.
Vision Components
Ettlingen, Germany

LED ringlight is shadow-free

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An addition to company’s LED-based darkfield ringlight series provides intense shadow-free and homogeneous illumination. The contrast between defects and the part increases; defects appear bright while the part surface remains dark. The ringlight features SMD LED-generated illumination that results in improved light output, increased life expectancy, and a greater working distance, which ranges from 20 to 50 mm (0.8 to 2 in.), with the diameter of the illuminated area ranging from 58 to 73 mm (2.25 to 2.8 in.) based on the working distance. The device is available with either red or white SMD LEDs.
Volpi USA
Auburn, NY, USA

FireWire camera works in ultralow light

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Rolera-MGi camera unites electronmultiplying CCD (EMCCD) technology and FireWire connectivity for ultralow-light dynamic fluorescence imaging. It incorporates a back-illuminated, 512 × 512-pixel EMCCD from e2v Technologies to deliver high-sensitivity imaging for spinning-disk confocal microscopy applications. The camera can also acquire high-resolution still images for voltage potentials, dynamic ratio imaging, fluorescence recovery after photobleaching, and live-cell fluorescent protein imaging.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Board has PCI Express interface

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FALCON frame-grabber series now includes a board with a PCI Express interface. It features an x1 PCI Express bus with a bandwidth of 132 Mbytes. All color and monochrome cameras with standard PAL or NTSC resolution are supported. The frame grabber is equipped with four parallel video channels and can be expanded for up to 16 cameras. In addition, 24-V voltage levels can be switched using optocoupler I/Os available as an option. The frame grabber comes with a software-development kit for the current Windows operating systems, as well as Linux.
IDS Imaging Development Systems
Obersulm, Germany

IR camera is sensitive

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Short-wavelength infrared camera, the SU320KTX-1.7 RT, measures less than 3.8 in.³ and weighs less than 90 g. Designed for low-light conditions and day/night operation, the InGaAs camera offers wide-dynamic-range imaging in partial starlight to direct sun illumination. It delivers clear, real-time video images. The camera features high sensitivity in the 900-1700-nm range with 320 × 240-pixel format on a 40-µm-pitch focal-plane array. It also features simultaneous Camera Link digital output. Applications include covert surveillance, imaging spectroscopy, astronomy, emission microscopy, and machine vision.
Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich Corporation
Princeton, NJ, USA

Compact camera runs fast

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Visario g2 LT400 is a compact, intelligent camera system with a Linux-based operating system. The integrated Gigabit Ethernet connections (hub/glass fiber) and the Visart control software permit the installation of camera networks via PC or laptop computer. The camera can be operated autonomously. The Visario g2 LT400 has an image format of 768 × 512 pixels. The maximum image frequency extends up to 4000 frames/s with 30-bit color depth, and in monochrome operation with more than 10 bits (1024 gray-scale/half-tone values). The integrated image memory provides up to 4 s of internal image storage at 1000 frames/s, which can be expanded to 16 s.
Erlangen, Germany

System adds FireWire interface

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SPOT RT3 digital camera system combines improved performance with FireWire connectivity. It is offered in monochrome, color mosaic, and user-selectable color/monochrome models. With an effective differential cooling of -43°C and improved CCD sensor design, dark current has been suppressed to less than 0.003 e/p/s. Capture frame rates have been tripled, and read noise at those higher rates has been reduced by more than 25%. SPOT image-capture software is included and offers macro scripting, correct color technology featuring ICC color profiling, and peripheral device control.
Diagnostic Instruments
Sterling Heights, MI, USA

Tool with software verifies parts

PowerGAGE performs CAD-to-part analysis using a version of Delcam’s PowerINSPECT software. Users can import all major industry CAD formats, access a full suite of geometric inspection tools, and save all inspection data and run customized reports. The PowerGAGE resembles a short, metallic arm that can be mounted directly to where a part is being made. As the user traces the arm’s tip over the part’s surface, the system’s laptop computer verifies all of the part’s 3-D measurements against the original CAD file to see if it was made correctly and, if not, where it needs to be corrected. This reduces scrap, rework, and labor costs.
FARO Technologies
Lake Mary, FL, USA

Controller mixes/matches drives

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Stand-alone controller, the Ensemble Epaq, provides up to six axes of motion control in one integrated package. The Epaq can daisy-chain three extra drives to command up to nine axes of coordinated motion. This configuration allows users to mix and match drive types within the same positioning system using a common programming and control platform. A brushless servo, dc brush servo, and microstepping drives are integrated into the Epaq frame. Standard interfaces include a joystick, and RS-232, Ethernet, and USB 2.0 ports. Standard on each axis are one 16-bit ±10-Vdc analog input, dedicated home marker input, over-travel limits, Hall inputs for motor commutation, and Estop input.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Device lights microscopes

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Computer-controlled RGB LED illuminator is for transmitting light in upright microscopes. The unit provides bright, uniform, and diffuse light for near-Koehler illumination. Red, green, and blue can be switched on and off in less than 1 ms individually or in any combination, including all three to produce white light. The unit eliminates the need for standard light source, condenser, and filter changer. It makes possible acquisition of color images from a monochrome digital camera with full noninterpolated color at every pixel. There are no moving or serviceable parts, no vibration, noise, or heat, and there are no components in the imaging path of the microscope.
Palo Alto, CA, USA

Cameras are color or monochrome

CMOS VGA camera series MV-D640(C)-48-U2 with USB 2.0 interface are available in color and monochrome versions and support frame rates up to 129 frames/s. The color version can operate in 24-bit processed RGB color mode, where the 8-bit raw data are interpolated in real time in the camera using a pipeline processor. Maximum frame rate in 24-bit RGB color mode is 43 frames/s.
Lachen, Switzerland

Code reader meets IP67 demands

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Witness, a Data Matrix code reader for surgical instruments, combines improved optics and performance with the demands of the IP67 standard. Software enables reading of Data Matrix codes from labels and from directly applied marks on the surfaces of surgical instruments. Tools made from a variety of materials including highly polished metals and rubbers and plastics in a vast array of colors can be tracked by the reader. The data captured can be transferred to Windows applications such as Excel or Access.
Absolute Vision
Hampshire, UK

Software delivers FFC

FFC Processor utility is a free software upgrade for the company’s IPX-2M30, IPX-2M30H, IPX-4M15, and IPX-11M5 series cameras. The utility, which runs on the imaging system’s host computer, guides the user through a four-step calibration process identical to what the factory’s test department uses to field-correct cameras during final test. The result is a flat-field correction (FFC) file containing the correction factors the camera needs to perform on-board FFC while acquiring images. The final steps load the file into the camera and turn on the FFC feature. The camera provides images identical to what a hypothetical perfect camera system would provide.
Boca Raton, FL, USA

FPOA adds functions

Version 2.0 of field-programmable object array (FPOA) Design Tools includes new releases of the FPOA Connection and Assignment Tool (COAST Version 2.0) and Visual Elite version 2005.1 from Summit Design. These tools allow customers to design, simulate, and debug applications targeted for the company’s next-generation FPOAs. The simulator in the FPOA Design Tools is built around cycle-accurate SystemC models and therefore supports full-chip simulation in minutes.
Portland, OR, USA

Lenses are durable

Tevidon CCD lenses are designed for 1/3-, 1/2-, 2/3-, and 1-in. image formats. The lenses are of glass multielement designs, mounted in compact, durably constructed metal housings with standard C-mount thread, and have variable focusing and iris diaphragms with manual lockable or click-stop adjustment. The lenses are available in focal lengths from 4 to 45 mm with speeds from f/1.5 to f/5.6 and provide edge-to-edge high-resolution, high-light-sensitivity, excellent-contrast, distortion-free images; they are color-corrected for wavelengths from 400 to 1000 nm. Accessory extension tubes are also available for magnification.
Docter Optics
Neustadt an der Orla, Germany

DAQ made easier

M Series data-acquisition (DAQ) devices for the USB bus offer up to 32 analog input channels and data-acquisition rates up to 1.25 MS/s. The USB-6251 and USB-6259 DAQ devices add the simplicity of USB plug-and-play connectivity, as well as new high-speed signal-streaming technology. The DAQ devices feature up to 32 16-bit, 1.25-MS/s analog input channels; four 16-bit 2.8-MS/s analog output channels; 32 clocked and correlated digital I/O channels; and two timing counters. They integrate seamlessly with the company’s LabVIEW graphical programming environment.
National Instruments
Austin, TX, USA

Frame grabber has high data rate

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Based on the PCI Express interface, the Matrix Vision mvHYPERION-CLe achieves a data rate up to 250 Mbytes/s or a pixel clock up to 85 MHz from the camera. This allows parallel operation of two independent Camera Link cameras with Base configuration on a single mvHYPERION-CLe. The device features a local DDR-RAM memory with 64 Mbytes. Furthermore, the mvHYPERION-CLe has four interfaces on a slot bracket: two connectors (MiniCL connectors) are for camera control and two connectors each provide optoisolated I/Os (for trigger and flash control) and a camera power supply.
Digital Network Vision
Lexington, MA, USA

Lighting provides faster flash

Power-flash series, vicoluxTZB, provides lighting 10 to 30 times greater than that previously available from flash or continuous lighting. The flash duration can be set to between 1 and 100 µs, and the brightness can be adjusted at the same time, without the need for an external flash controller and at up to 100 flashes/s. All the colors of LED lighting are possible. Features include a flash trigger input level of 2.5 to 30 V (high), optically decoupled; 300-ns, maximum flash frequency of 100 Hz; and supply voltage of 10 to 36 Vdc for direct use with unregulated industrial networks.
Vision Control
Suhl, Germany

Rotary stage is plug and play

Fully integrated and compact DT 200-SM plug-and-play rotary stage has a built-in dc stepper motor and controller. It has an overall height of 30 mm and length of 205 mm. Weighing 2.8 kg, it can handle loads up to 10 kg. With a positional accuracy of ±0.15°, repeatability of ± 0.01°, and integrated drive electronics, the DT-200-SM is targeted at precision rotary positioning. Speeds up to 120°/s and accelerations to 1000°/s² can be achieved. The DT 200-SM is driven by an internal stepper motor and features an integrated motion-controller card. A preloaded precision slim ball bearing provides rotational guidance.
Burlington, MA, USA

Board measures color

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MTCS-C2 Colorimeter 2 is a true color sensor board that integrates complete signal amplification and processing, including interface and measurement control. It is designed as a hardware solution for the measurement of active light sources such as LED mixed-color control. Calibration of the board as a measuring system is performed at the factory; the sensor can be used immediately for measuring functions after connection to a PC and installation of the software. Included with the MTCS-C2 are documentation, optional USB cable, optional PC software, and optional macro-function library.
Jena, Germany

Computer resists vibration

ARK-7480 is an embedded box computer supporting UFCPGA2, 478-pin embedded Intel Pentium 4, or Celeron D processors up to 2.8 GHz, an Intel 852GME chipset with graphics memory controller hub, and Intel 82801DB I/O controller hub 4. It has three PCI expansion slots, dual Fast Ethernet (optional GigE), six USB 2.0 ports, six COM ports, as well as DVI, LVDS, and VGA display interface and a drive bay for a 3.5-in. HDD. It comes in a 295 x 180 x 260-mm cast-aluminum chassis. The chassis and vibration-resistant construction feature antivibration card holders for PCI I/O expansion cards, as well as HDD cushions allowing the system to provide up to 1 G vibration/10 G shock protection.
Irvine, CA, USA

Software is password-protected

With release 7.1.1 of the software library HALCON, integrated development environment HDevelop now protects external procedures via password. All procedures can be protected to control the readability of a procedure after it is loaded into HDevelop. Moreover, unauthorized users will not be able to obtain information about algorithms by examining the files on hard disk. A further highlight of HALCON 7.1.1 is the release of the HDevEngine for the COM architectures Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, C#, and Delphi, making the HDevEngine available to all HALCON users.
MVTec Software
Munich, Germany

CMOS sensor is high speed

MT9M440 CMOS imager has a sensor area of 16.46 × 12.10 mm (a little smaller than a 1-in. chip). Because of its megapixel-resolution of 2352 x 1728 pixels and high frame rate (up to 200 frames/s), it is suitable for applications that require good resolution combined with high speed. The sensor uses less than 700 mV and has a clock rate of 50 MHz at 200 frames/s. The 10-bit analog-to-digital converters, which are integrated on the chip, are self-calibrating. The sensor is available in monochrome and color with a Bayer pattern. The operating temperature is between -5°C and +60°C.
Framos Electronics
Munich, Germany

Lenses have low distortion

Lenses provide magnification from 0.19X (S5LPJ6041) up to 0.36x (S5LPJ6075). Intermediate magnifications available are 0.215x (S5LPJ6045), 0.25x (S5LPJ6050), and 0.29x (S5LPJ6060). All lenses have a distortion better than 0.2%, variable iris, C-mount, and a working distance of 180 mm.
Sill Optics
Wendelstein, Germany

Camera has electronic signature

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Digital camera series DX 4/40 S with megapixel resolution provides an internal function to sign images, together with additional data, with an electronic signature. Method and implementation of the signature creation comply with BSI recommendations (Federal Office for Information Security, Germany). In courts of law, criminal prosecution, claims for compensation, and QA documentations the signature ensures integrity and authenticity of image data. The camera series is useful for a range of applications, especially in the area of traffic engineering, forensic applications, industrial QA laboratories, and pharmaceutical applications.
Kappa opto-electronics
Gleichen, Germany

Beam-shaping module is efficient

Flat-Top2 Generator, a laser-beam shaping module, converts a standard Gaussian beam into a focused, collimated, or diverging flat-top profile. With nearly 100% efficiency, the beam shaper can maintain a high degree of uniformity, power, and intensity over large distances. It is compatible with lasers that emit at UV, visible, and near-IR wavelengths.
Salem, NH, USA

Digital camera is small

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Firefly MV is a small, inexpensive, easy-to-use IEEE-1394 digital camera with 25 × 40-mm board-level footprint, multiple IEEE-1394 connector options, and external trigger and strobe functionality. The Firefly MV is based on 1/3-in. CMOS sensors with global shutter and delivers 640 × 480 images at 60 frames/s. Features include a 10-bit digitizer, auto/manual gain and exposure controls, high sensitivity in the near-infrared, and 2 × 2 binning. The Firefly MV is available in monochrome and color models.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Controller integrates TFT LCDs

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ArtistaNET LAN controller board with Ethernet interface integrates TFT LCDs over a LAN or WLAN network without the use of a client PC. The board reduces overall system costs, provides Ethernet speeds of 10/100 Mbit/s, supports LCD resolutions from QVGA (320 × 240) to WXGA (1366 × 768), and supports wireless local-area networks up to 802.11 b/g. It supports TFT LCDs from 5- to 46-in. diagonal, comes with an integrated four-wire resistive touch-screen controller, integrates in LAN/WLAN networks, and supports a range of graphics formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
Apollo Display Technologies
Ronkonkoma, NY, USA

Positioning stage is small

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SQL-3405 motorized linear positioning stage is 25 × 25 × 10 mm and delivers automated, “set and hold” micropositioning for optical microscopy, laser alignment, and other applications where space is at a premium. The stage is driven by an integral piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motor that provides incremental motion of 100 nm. A sensor provides closed-loop control with resolution of 10 µm. Its 5-mm travel range allows automatic positioning without manual prealignment and tweaking. The stages use ball-bearing guides and can be assembled to create x-y and x-y-z systems. End-of-travel limits and modular connectors facilitate fast integration.
New Scale Technologies
Victor, NY, USA

Frame grabbers are affordable

Solios XCL-B frame grabber supports a single Base Camera Link camera, while Solios XCL-F supports up to a single Full Camera Link camera. Solios XCL-F is also available for PCI Express (Solios eCL-F), allowing users to upgrade to next-generation PCs; Solios eCL-B for PCI Express will follow. The XCL-F also features an optional, customizable processing core based on the Altera Stratix FPGA family to off-load and accelerate specific image-processing routines. Altera Stratix devices are available with or without memory (SDRAM and/or SRAM).
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada

Software inspects color/texture

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HueView measures color (in RGB, HIS, or LAB space) and texture, monitors product appearance, classifies/grades goods, facilitates sorting operations, and assesses visual similarity or defects by comparing images to their respective stored reference images. HueView operates at high spatial resolutions, enabling inspections to be done based on color, texture, or a combination of the two. It is available in a WinTel-compatible software application that supports image acquisition using FireWire cameras and TWAIN and analog camera/frame-grabber combinations.
The Value Engineering Alliance
Cambridge, MA, USA

Robot vision is easy to use

iRVision system is a ready-to-use robotic built-in vision package for the company’s R-J3iC controller, providing a single source for robot guidance or process feedback. It requires only a camera and cable and has a 2-D guidance tool to accomplish part location, error proofing, and other operations.
FANUC Robotics America
Rochester Hills, MI, USA

Detector family is low cost

Family of three infrared, uncooled 25-µm detectors, made of amorphous silicon, weigh from <5 g to <30 g. A microbolometer integrated into the miniaturized package makes them useful in low-cost thermal digital imaging. Features include spectral response from 8 to 14 µm, standard deviation of less than 1.5%, and typical signal response of 7 mV/K.
Veurey Voroize, France

Camera is fast

High-speed video camera, i-SPEED 2, is for the packaging industry. Features include recording speeds up to 33,000 frames/s, 800 × 600-pixel resolution at 1000 frames/s, monochrome and color versions, download to computer via compact flashcard or Ethernet, and continuous live video streaming from four outputs. Data analysis and measurements are available immediately.
Southend-on-Sea, UK

Robotic platforms are sturdy

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Mobile robotic platforms, known as “BattleKits” for robot competitions, are lightweight, ruggedized, fully assembled mobile robots. The platform dimensions range from 16 to 30 in. in length and from 26 to 90 lb. The payload capacity ranges up to 600 lb for the largest units. All four models feature sturdy construction on a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame and a very low profile (4.4 in.). Optional batteries, powerful motors, and custom AmpFlow speed controllers are available for each size in the series. The mobile robots can be remotely controlled by connecting an aftermarket radio control to the AmpFlow controllers, or they can be computer controlled with the simple, built-in computer interface.
Belmont, CA, USA

Device measures all surfaces

3-D sensor SpecGAGE3D allows noncontact full surface measurements of reflective surfaces such as those of eyeglass lenses, car bodies, and windshields. The measurement principle is based on phase-measuring stereo deflectometry , and the measurement uncertainty is limited to ±0.01 D at refraction power for surface elements of 3 × 3 mm2. Specifications include 80 × 80-mm field of view, ±18° measuring range, and ±0.02 dpt measurement uncertainty.
3D Shape
Erlangen, Germany

Lamps are cool

HM 1000/1100 Series of Cool Touch, 35-W gooseneck and articulating-arm task lights are for use with all types of industrial machines. They are available in three different configurations, including flexible gooseneck, long-reach heavy-duty articulating arm, and spotlight. A vented lampshade provides low surface temperature for easy handling, and a swivel joint allows for precise light positioning. A PUR-Sleeving protects the gooseneck arm from dust, oils, and moisture. The HM series comes with either an integrated transformer for 120-V/230-V use or in a low-voltage version for direct connection use as a machine light.
Natick, MA, USA

System inspects solder joints

X-ray inspection system, the microme|x, is a high-resolution system optimized for manual and semiautomated solder-joint inspection of BGA, CSP, MLF, and QFP components. It has an integrated 2-Mpixel camera, open 160- or 180-kV submicron x-ray tube, a detail detectability of <1 µm, and total magnification of up to 13.300X. It comes standard with the company’s inspection software, quality|assurance 2006, which automates the inspection of the PCB assemblies, making pass/fail decisions for BGA, CSP, MLF, and QFP without operator interpretations, reducing the number of false identifications.
phoenix|x-ray Systems + Services
St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Camera has new housing

Th 0609vsd Products19
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The new “contact plane” housing variant for the eXcite intelligent camera family is designed to maximize heat dissipation via direct metal contact. Instead of an integrated heat sink, the housing provides a flat plane for mounting the camera. Required heat dissipation can be achieved via direct heat flow through metal contact. The contact plane housing is compact and provides easy integration into a variety of applications. The eXcite intelligent camera family merges digital camera technology and a high-performance embedded PC in the small housing.
Ahrensburg, Germany

Polarizers are larger

Th 0609vsd Products20
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ColorPol polarizers have a maximum dimension of 100 × 60 mm. This larger size will aid large-aperture applications. The polarizers are based on properties such as a high operation temperature range of -50°C to + 400°C, high contrast ratios up to 107:1, high transmittance over a large wavelength range, and resistance to UV radiation and most chemicals. They are available for the visible spectral range, as well as for the UV and IR range.
Laser Components
Hudson, NH, USA

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