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Wilson’s Websites brings you the latest information on what’s new on the web. To accomplish this, we provide links to tutorial information, hardware or software product developments, product database information, technical articles, associations, and on-line magazines. If you or your company would like to be considered for Wilson’s Websites, please contact Andy Wilson at andyw@pennwell.com.

Robotic vision


RoboRealm is robotic vision software for use in machine vision, image analysis, and image-processing tasks. Best of all, it’s free and can be downloaded from this site.

Imaging research


This site highlights the work of the Image Science and Machine Vision R&D lab at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Here you can read about industrial-inspection projects that include semiconductor inspection and image-based metrology.

World news


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News from numerous publications in various disciplines of image processing and machine vision has been abstracted on the Vision section of the AAAI’s Web site.

Another country


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Discover Microsoft’s latest research developments in Cambridge, England, where UK researchers are developing algorithms for stereo vision, object recognition, and visual tracking.

French software

MegaWave2 is free software intended for image processing. It is composed of a C library of modules that contains original algorithms written by researchers and a Unix/Linux package designed for development of new image-processing algorithms.

Case studies


Australian-based Startek Technology develops industrial vision systems to improve product quality in fields including mining and pharmaceuticals. The company describes a number of recent success stories on its site.

Vision solutions


Validator is the latest machine-vision system from Avalon Vision Solutions. As a complete vision system designed to automatically identify manufacturing defect, the system includes a USB 2.0 camera with I/O, cables, software, and documentation.

Babybot robot


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At LIRA-Lab, researchers are uncovering the mechanisms of the functioning of the brain by building physical models of neural control and cognitive structures. To do so, they have built the Babybot, a humanoid robot composed of a pair of cameras and tactile sensors.

Machine vision


Case studies described on the site of Digital Inspection Systems Limited include color identification and matrix and barcode reading. Of particular interest is the company’s intelligent vision-based safety system that uses color and pattern-matching techniques to identify personnel in hazardous areas.

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