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Cameras are plug-and-play; Sensor board has new software; Smart sensor has precision, speed, and sensitivity; Video camera works in low light and MORE…

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Cameras are plug-and-play

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Lumenera plug-and-play Ethernet cameras provide easy installation and a user-friendly operator interface. The control and readout of the images via internal and external web can be password-protected. The cameras are based on a 10/100BaseT network interface and have a 48-Mbyte frame buffer on-board. They can operate from 9 to 24 Vdc and ac. The cameras are Microsoft Windows and Linux compatible and can operate over cable lengths up to 100 m.
FRAMOS Electronic Vertriebs
Munich, Germany

Sensor board has new software

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The MTCS-ME1 color sensor is now available with modEVA-software, an expanded software package that combines optimized communication via USB, firmware extension to cover RS-232 interface, and activation of measurements via keys on the board. The MTCS-ME1 delivery package includes a digital base board with USB interface, a range of different application-specific sensor boards such as plug-in modules with light sources, sensors, and amplifiers, and PC software for sensor calibration. There is also an application programming interface (DLL) with test software to integrate the sensors into applications.
Jena, Germany

Smart sensor has precision, speed, and sensitivity

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ZS smart measurement sensor combines two-dimensional CMOS imaging with precise laser measurement to create a high-speed, high-sensitivity inspection system. Its 110-µs response time and 0.25-µm resolution enable it to inspect moving workpieces and capture data on-the-fly. Five sensor heads are available for distances ranging from 20 to 200 mm measuring ranges from ±1 to ±50 mm. All heads are rated IP67 to withstand washdown for measurements in harsh environments.
Omron Electronics
Schaumburg, IL, USA

Video camera works in low light

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The IK-1000, an extreme-low-light, color video camera has electron-multiplying CCD technology intended for all ultralow-light applications. The incoming signal is multiplied by a factor of 1000, allowing minimum illumination with full-color reproduction down to 0.25 mlux (1/1000 lux) in color at 50 IRE. The 1/2-in. CCD features a high-resolution 658 × 496-pixel sensor and a built-in electronic shutter to 1/2000 s and accepts C-mount lenses. It measures 58 × 58.4 × 133 mm.
Toshiba America Imaging Systems Division
Irvine, CA, USA

Three-CCD camera is sharp

GP-US732H 1/3-in. three-CCD camera captures sharp, almost flicker-free images in the progressive-scan mode (60 frames/s). Features include six-axis color matrix control function, more than 800 line horizontal resolution, improved contour correction, signal-to-noise ratio of more than 62 dB and 750 lines of resolution, and high sensitivity (f/16) for clear images of dark areas.
Panasonic System Solutions
Secaucus, NJ, USA

Development software includes vision

DeskTop 4.0, a set of PC-based productivity tools for the development of material-handling and assembly-automation applications, provides a consolidated user environment on a Windows PC product for the setup and application configuration of Adept Smart SERVO robotic systems. Capabilities include new programming, debugging, and testing tools for the company’s V+ and MicroV+ robotics programming language. Simplified user functions such as a keyword browser, function library, and task, program, and debug utilities reduce stand-alone and networked application development time. DeskTop 4.0 works with the iSight family of machine-vision products to provide vision-guided application configuration.
Adept Technology
Livermore, CA, USA

Camera combines 4 Mpixels with Camera Link interface

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Dual-tap AccuPiXEL 50.8 × 50.8 × 81.5-mm machine-vision camera, the TM-4100CL, offers resolution of 4.2 million pixels. With a Kodak KAI-4021 imager, it produces full-resolution 2048 × 2048 images at 15 frames/s. It features full asynchronous reset with electronic shutter up to 1/16,000 s or pulsewidth exposure control. An LUT provides 10- to 8-bit preprocessing for effective image-feature enhancement. A user-friendly GUI is included.
JAI Camera Solutions
Glostrup, Denmark

Hand-held readers identify parts

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DataMan 7500 series hand-held direct-part-mark readers read all printed and direct-part-mark codes for manufacturers implementing part-traceability programs in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, health-care, and defense industries. The readers combine IDMax code-reading software with UltraLight illumination technology to read codes regardless of marking method, part material, shape, or surface texture. The series includes the 7500 corded and 7550 cordless models. They support USB, keyboard wedge and RS-232 communications; DataMan 7550 supports Bluetooth wireless communications.
Natick, MA, USA

Module adds new utilities

The Vision 8 Development Module combines vision libraries with acquisition software for many cameras-including those based on the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connection standard-all optimized for programming environments such as LabVIEW and C++, Visual Basic, and .NET. In addition, the module includes new algorithms for golden template comparison, optical character verification, and Data Matrix grading that are designed to help engineers identify packaging and assembly errors earlier in production. The algorithms help identify flaws in labels and defects in products, while the Data Matrix grading tool verifies that 2-D barcodes are applied in accordance with the ISO 16022 (AIM) standard.
National Instruments
Austin, TX, USA

Thermal-imaging camera is affordable

The AXT100 thermal-imaging camera is based on a 32 × 31 uncooled thermopile focal-plane array. The processing capabilities of the camera are made possible through an Analog Blackfin DSP. On-board image processing interpolates and smoothes the raw image to full 256 × 248-pixel resolution. Advanced signal processing allows for features such as linear or logarithmic scaling, image storage, and false color. Total digital control is accomplished through the 10/100 Ethernet port, affecting color maps, atmospheric correction, scaling, sampling rate, and more. It is priced at less than $5000.
Ann Arbor Sensor Systems
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Sensors perform high-speed shape inspections

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PresencePLUS P4 AREA vision sensors are for inspecting the presence and shape of defined areas at speeds up to 10,000 parts per minute. The P4 AREA 1.3 offers 1280 × 1024-pixel resolution for high-resolution inspections. The compact, self-contained P4 AREA and AREA 1.3 are available with two lens positions: in-line (on the end of the housing) and right-angle (on the side of the housing). Both versions measure 66.8 mm wide; the in-line model is 136.1 mm long, and the right-angle model is 124.5 mm long.
Banner Engineering
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Mount is rugged

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PTU-AA camera mount is designed to make mounting and aiming a Cognex 5000 or DVT 500 series camera easy. It comes with all fasteners required to attach the sensor to the mount. Separate fasteners allow independent adjustment of the pan-and-tilt axis. Each axis can be pinned in position once correct aim has been established. The PTU-AA mount can be assembled in several different ways depending upon the mounting situation.
Allison Park Group
Allison Park, PA, USA

Module supports HERON

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HERON-BASE2 offers a low-cost but fully featured option for connecting to PCs via high-speed USB 2.0. This allows systems to be used alongside laptop computers as well as desktop computers that have previously used a PCI connection. All available HERON modules with Xilinx FPGA, TI DSP, and fast I/O can be plugged into the HERON-BASE2. The USB connection on HERON-BASE2 is supported via the company’s host API software, which allows applications and tools on the host machine to access HERON hardware.
Hunt Engineering
Brent Knoll, UK

System automates proofreading

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PSIFEYE system confirms that product-information documents conform to their designs with respect to both content and quality. It enables manufacturers to detect and correct errors early in the production process, thereby preventing costly rework and product recalls. The system compares images of documents and plates scanned by standard large or regular format scanners. The proprietary image-analysis software can detect paper stretch, ink bleed-through, and other printing distortions and effects universally identified as being primary causes of automated offline print-inspection-system errors. It also handles variations in electronic documents. It is used predominantly in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.
The Value Engineering Alliance
Cambridge, MA, USA

Device routes data

ATLANTiS Rev 2.0, an I/O switching and processing device, facilitates off-board I/O and provides communications routing and processing, allowing system designers to set up and dynamically change connections. Each T2 cluster consists of four TigerSHARC processors and one ATLANTiS FPGA. The eight bidirectional TigerSHARC link ports routed to the ATLANTiS FPGA provide 2 Gbytes/s of data transfer between the DSPs and ATLANTiS. ATLANTiS can be configured to connect any I/O or link port to any other I/O or link port; broadcast, multicast, and dynamic reconfigurability are also supported. ATLANTiS Navigator, a configuration utility, is included.
Concord, NH, USA

Camera is multifunctional

The 20Z704T-PZ pan-tilt-zoom camera can be mounted in either indoor or outdoor environments for day or day/night use. The color camera uses microstepping technology for accuracy in daytime; a B/W low-light camera signal kicks in for nighttime operation. There is a combined 220X zoom (22X optical, 10X digital) with fast autofocus. The dome allows for a full 360° pan rotation, while the camera offers a 90° tilt. The 20Z704T-PZ is RS-485 controllable with both Pelco P and Pelco D protocols. Durable polycarbonate plastic housing is IP66 rated for outdoor use with a built-in heater and fan.
Videology Imaging Solutions
Greenville, RI, USA

Device detects passenger flow

Compact and self-contained device based on noncontact detection technologies, the NC5400 measures the number of persons passing in front of it and stores the information or transfers it over a standard interface. The principle of operation minimizes the occurrence of false alarms in the presence of shadows or out-of-size objects. The unit is designed to be easily mounted over doors and turnstiles. Key features include operation in complete darkness, direct connection to USB 2.0, RS-232/485, CAN, or Ethernet, and rugged, compact design with no moving parts (IP65 case). It is for passenger counting in buses and trains and flow direction control at turnstiles
Trento, Italy

Camera sees 3-D

PMD[vision] 3k-S camera has a resolution of 64 × 48 pixels and integrated suppression-of-background illumination. It has a standard 4:3 imaging format, an improved fill factor of 32%, and an extended dynamic range of 114 dB, which allows precise measurements even under difficult environmental conditions. The system uses a 32-bit processor from AMD (Elan SC520) with the eLINOS operating system and a FPGA. Included with the camera package are Firewire and Ethernet cables, CamVis Pro, and MiniSDK.
PMD Technologies
Siegen, Germany

Software interfaces to Matrox boards

HALCON machine-vision software now includes a specific interface that supports the Meteor-II, Helios, Solios, and Odyssey frame-grabber boards from Matrox based on MIL-Lite 8.0. In addition, the revised HALCON interface to the Meteor-II boards based on MIL-Lite 7.5 also allows multiboard configurations. All HALCON users can download these interfaces for free from the company’s Web site.
MVTec Software
Munich, Germany

Light sources withstand hazards

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Range of manual and remote-controlled quartz-halogen light sources endure demanding environment of machine-vision applications. Using a proprietary operating cycle, they provide a steady, stable output (±1%) at a higher color temperature (>3000K) and over a longer life span (500-2000 h) than incandescent bulbs. The light sources are highly resistant to heat shock. They are tested and approved to CE regulations.
Moritex Europe
Cambridge, UK

Software is enhanced

InstantVision Integrated Software Environment 2.2 features include improved performance, enhanced interfaces, and better support for rapid application development using Microsoft .NET platform. Its image-processing libraries include speed-enhanced versions of the standard vision tools offered by other vision software providers. The Multitarget Tracking Library (MTT Lib) tracks multiple objects moving at very high speeds with pinpoint accuracy, even in cluttered environments. The other libraries include complex classification methods (FC Lib) as well as optimized processing of images and video streams (SI Lib and SIF Lib). The InstantVision libraries can be ported to a wide variety of platforms and vision systems.
Austin, TX, USA

Light source is programmable

Based on the physical principle of subtractive spectroscopy, newly revised, this programmable light source delivers a CW beam containing all the wavelengths of the requested spectrum. It operates with a spectral band extending from visible to near-IR (450-850 nm) and a spectral resolution of 5 nm. It includes a 100-W halogen lamp as primary light source and provides an output of 4 mW of light at the exit tip of a 50-µm-core-diameter fiber. It is for applications in biophysics, biomedicine, and industrial colorimetry.
Aix en Provence, France

VisualApplets simplifies image programming

Visual Applet is a tool for hardware programming on a FPGA based on graphic data flows. These data flows are arranged by the combination of operators and filter modules of an image-processing library and are compiled to a loadable hardware applet. The library contains arithmetical and morphological operators for pixel manipulation, logical operators for classification tasks, and complex modules. There is no configuration necessary for synchronization, timing, or avoiding problems with side effects. Both a synthesis and a high-level simulation are integrated and offer full control over the final visual result of the application at any time. The complete process of the hardware design creation lasts 10-15 minutes on average. The hardware applet can immediately be used with the configuration software microDisplay or integrated in application by the SDK.
Silicon Software
Mannheim, Germany

Motors feature more power

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BLMFS5 linear motors have a moving forcer coil assembly that contains Hall-effect devices and a thermal sensor and is a compact, reinforced, ceramic-epoxy structure. The forcer uses steel laminations to produce more force for a given forcer coil length than traditional designs, providing continuous force ratings to 377 N (85 lb) and peak force ratings to 1500 N (339 lb). BLMFS5 motors are available with higher-power magnets that can be used to increase output force. The linear motors are for any application requiring high levels of positioning resolution and accuracy in a low-profile package.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Backlight LED inspects webs

COBRA (chip-onboard reflective array) linescan illumination is designed for high-speed linescan and web inspection. The LED-based COBRA lines are comparable to, or outperform, halogen and fluorescent line illumination, while offering advantages of LEDs-long lifetime, controllability, and increased reliability. The chip-on-board approach to LED module fabrication yields an essentially unbroken line of semiconductor light source, resulting in a high level of uniformity. Intensity can be adjusted using 0- to 5-V analog voltage control. The device meets NEMA 12 requirements.
Salem, NH, USA

Smart cameras are configurable

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Using the Iris ESeries, a line of configurable smart cameras, end users who are uncomfortable in traditional programming environments can take advantage of the Matrox Imaging Library without writing lines of code. The Matrox Imaging Library provides the foundation for the Design Assistant interface. With a flow-chart-based approach, the user can configure the Iris E-Series camera to grab, process, and display, and perform measurements, analyze image data, and read text strings. The Iris E-Series uses an ultralow-power Celeron, an embedded Intel architecture processor, and runs the Windows CE.NET real-time operating system.
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada

Smart cameras support two interfaces

VC40xx series of high-end intelligent cameras are the latest in the company’s line of cameras in robust industrial housings. VGA-monitor output and fast trigger input/output are supported in the new cameras. The VC40xx series supports both serial and Ethernet interfaces simultaneously. The cameras use the C64 DSP family from Texas Instruments with computational power as high as 3200 MIPS. The 128-Mbyte SD card provides additional storage, and it can be accessed much faster than the 16-Mbyte MMC card available in the VC20xx series. With available 4-Mbyte Flash EPROM and 32-Mbyte RAM, both storage areas are doubled.
Vision Components
Ettlingen, Germany

Frame grabber supports four input channels

PC_EYE/ASYNC PCI Express frame-grabber board has four simultaneous asynchronous input channels and a high-speed PCI Express bus interface. Its design includes a flexible video input module, allowing simultaneous digitization of up to four camera signals (quadro mode). In the quadro mode, images are stored in memory as four separate monochrome images in 8-bit/pixel format. The design of the board is based on two programmable FPGAs, containing the PCI Express interface on one chip and a frame-grabber-control circuit on the second one.
American Eltec
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Thermal-imaging camera is small

Thermal-Eye 4500AS is a high-resolution thermal imaging camera that uses amorphous silicon microbolometer detector technology (30-µm pitch, 320 × 240 pixel array). Key features include a 30-µm detector providing real time 30-Hz frame rate and thermal sensitivity (NETD <50 mK). OEMs can associate a display color with any scene temperature from -40°C to 650°C. The Thermal-Eye 4500AS is available with either a 50° or 12° FOV lens to meet the needs of specific applications.
BFI Optilas
Evry, France

Filters enhance contrast

Bandpass filters are designed to enable system integrators and equipment manufacturers to improve the image quality of their machine-vision systems. The filters enhance the image-contrast capabilities of vision systems that use advanced LED lighting. They attach to CCD or CMOS camera lenses and allow light of their specified transmission wavelength to pass through, while blocking any light wavelengths shorter or longer than the pass band. The filters cover wavelengths from 565 to 680 nm, with bandwidths between 50 and 140 nm.
Jos. Schneider Optische Werke

LED ringlight is for inspection microscopes

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The RL-9 illuminates a 2-in. spot with a brilliant 55000 lux-nearly the brightness of direct sunlight. Brighter output allows the RL-9 to be used with higher magnification optics, illuminates finer details, and reduces eye fatigue. The cool nature of LED white light prevents heating of the illuminated subject. An advanced lens design directs light from individual sources to the centerline of the ringlight and blends it into an even luminescent spot. The ringlight comes equipped with a current-controlled power supply that plugs into standard power outlets.
Portland, OR, USA

Infrared camera shows flaws

The 7815B infrared camera is intended for building diagnostics, identifying a wide range of problems that add hidden costs to building ownership. The 7815B combines a high-resolution microbolometer camera with a visible light camera and laser target dot to make thermal imaging point-and-shoot simple. It can detect air infiltration, moisture intrusion, mold, fungus, energy losses, pest infestations, and other problems. The camera is based on a high-performance 320 x 240 detector that offers four times the resolution of standard 160 x 120 cameras, while comparably priced at $16,500. Optimized for a working range of -40°C to 120°C, the 7815B is accurate to ±2°C (±2%).
Mikron Infrared
Hancock, MI, USA

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