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Oct. 1, 2004
Flea has color; Smart camera inspects packaging; System measures spectral lamps; MORE...

Flea has color

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Flea compact IEEE-1394 digital camerais designed to fit spaces as small as 30 × 31 mm. It features a 1/3-in. color Sony CCD sensor with 640 × 480 pixels at 60 frames/s or 1024 × 768 pixels at 30 frames/s with a 12-bit ADC. The color Flea will support automatic synchronization of multiple cameras, general-purpose I/O pins, extended shutter times, and in-field firmware upgrading.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Smart camera inspects packaging

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ilS-intelligent Inspection System is a smart camera system with a controller that includes an integrated 10/100-Mbit Ethernet interface, digital I/Os, and RS-232 interface. The camera has a 1/3-in. VGA progressive-scan CCD sensor that images up to 120 frames/s. Software detects presence, position, and angle of labels and recognizes defects.
NET New Electronic Technology
Finning, Germany

System measures spectral lamps

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SLMS-0400 spectral-lamp-measurement system is for repeatable, NIST-traceable measurement of small, low-power light sources such as LEDs and small lamps. The system consists of a 4-in.-diameter integrating sphere, a diode-array spectrometer, regulated-current lamp power supply, and Labsphere SLMS software. The spectral range of the 0411 is 390-760 nm and of the 0421 is 350-1050 nm. Spectral resolution is 2.0 nm.
North Sutton, NH, USA

Controller goes solo

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Soloist single-axis servo controller combines a power supply, amplifier, and position controller in a single package to drive a range of motors including brushless, cd servo, and microstepper. It can control up to four tasks simultaneously, as well as handle variables and manage I/O. The Soloist has high-speed position-latch inputs and data-logging capabilities and is available with up to 30-A peak current.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Image-acquisition board grabs data

High-performance, 64-bit image-acquisition board for parallel-output, digital area, and linescan cameras, the X64-LVDS is compatible with 8-, 10-, and 12-bit LVDS and RS-422 digital area or linescan monochrome or RGB cameras and supports up to eight taps of eight bits each. On-the-fly tap correction expedites image processing and analysis. The board features image-acquisition rates up to 600 Mbytes/s and image transfer to host memory at 528 Mbytes/s and provides up to 32 Mbytes of local buffer memory.
Coreco Imaging
St. Laurent, QC, Canada

IR camera fits small spaces

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A10 camera, formerly the Indigo Omega, is designed for remote monitoring, process control, machine vision, design verification, and security applications. It comes with the FLIR LabVIEW Developers SDK and the ThermoVision System SDK based on ActiveX and Visual Basic C++ and has a 128 × 160 microbolometer focal-plane array. The A10 delivers wide-dynamic-range (14-bit) images at real-time video rates (30 frames/s) for RS-170 output.
FLIR Systems
North Billerica, MA, USA

Camera withstands movement

Prosilica CV640F digital camera with an IEEE-1394b-over-fiberoptic interface is capable of 120 frames/s at 640 × 480 pixels over IEEE-1394b fiber with cable lengths up to 500 m. The CV640F is useful in robotic applications where the camera may be constantly moving. Exposure control is from 10 μs to 5 s, and there are multiple trigger inputs and outputs.
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Camera family is small

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Micro camera family combines high-quality signal processing with miniaturized design and various sensor sizes. The 1/10-in. model is 4 mm in diameter with an overall length of 7 mm. Other models are 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 in. Camera heads are available in combination with a control unit (also with OEM housing) and for refitting with separate camera heads. Cable lengths are up to 30 m (for the 1/10 in. up to 10 m). Camera functions can be controlled by keys or by the RS-232 interface.
KAPPA opto-electronics
Gleichen, Germany

Monochrome camera is progressive

CV-A10CL uses monochrome progressive-scan 1/2-in. CCD sensors with 782 × 582 pixels. Frame rate is 60 frames/s for full resolution, while maintaining a signal-to-noise ratio of >56 dB. There are several binning and partial-scan readout modes, allowing frame rates up to 250 frames/s. The 35 × 44 × 80-mm CV-A10CL has Camera Link interface, and the user can select the readout as 10 or 8 bits. All external camera controls are routed through the Camera Link connector.
JAI Pulnix
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

PXI module targets Camera Link cameras

The PXI-1428 image-acquisition module connects to a range of Base Camera Link cameras and features a 32-Mbyte image buffer and triggering capabilities to control camera lighting and to communicate with other automation equipment. The serial interface can be used to configure and control a camera with both NI-IMAQ and National Instruments Measurement Automation Explorer software.
National Instruments
Austin, TX, USA

Vision sensor inspects products

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PresencePLUS P4 Geo vision sensor inspects for correct features regardless of product orientation or position in FOV. Interface is by 10/100 Ethernet, RS-232, or discrete inputs/outputs. Up to 6000 parts/minute can be inspected. The P4 Geo is available in in-line and right-angle versions, defined by the location of the lens on the end or side of housing, which is 66.8 mm wide in both cases, while the in-line version 136.1 mm long and the right-angle version is 124.5 mm long. Mounting brackets are included.
Banner Engineering
Minneapolis, MN, USA

SBC adds features

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PCM-9581 single-board computer (SBC) includes Intel Pentium M or Celeron M processor with Phoenix Award BIOS and 855GME chipset supporting audio and VGA/LCD output and ECC DDR memory. The SBC supports 1000Base-T Ethernet and four-port host USB 2.0 interfaces and up to a 36-bit LVDS interface or an optional 48-bit LVDS interface.
Irvine, CA, USA

ADCs integrated on single chip

AD9248 14-bit dual analog-to-digital converter (ADC) integrates two 14-bit ADCs on one chip. The chip is housed in 9 x 9-mm chip-scale package and provides 10, 12, and 14 bits at speeds of 20 to 105 Msamples/s. Power consumption is 300 mW/channel at 65 Msamples/s. The ADC features dual sample-and-hold amplifiers and an integrated voltage reference.
Analog Devices
Norwood, MA, USA

Multicomputer boosts speed

ImpactRT 3200 multicomputer is based on RapidIO interconnect architecture, delivers up to 3.1 TeraOPS of processing with 575 Gbytes/s of internal system bandwidth, and supports up to 36 Gbytes of fiber I/O. Multiprocessor graphical development and debugging tools enable real-time applications on the ImpactRT 3200. Software is compatible with RACE+++ Series, maintaining existing APIs.
Mercury Computer Systems
Chelmsford, MA, USA

Platform performs multiple inspections

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QualityStation vision inspection platform has an event-driven I/O architecture for manufacturing work cells that identifies different products by inputs such as barcode, digital signal, or serial string. Up to 24 cameras can be accommodated on the platform, which also runs software tools for pattern searching, measuring and gauging, feature analysis, counting, and finding geometric models. ProcessRX is a statistical-process-report tool that runs with the PlantVision process documentation module.
Avalon Vision Solutions
Lithia Springs, GA, USA

Software controls CCD cameras

Digitial CCD ActiveX control software allows development of application software for digital cameras with an ActiveX-aware environment such as Visual C++ and Visual Basic. Control features C++ internal fast DLL for real-time operation at up to 30 frames/s. ActiveX control allows scalable image framing, 8- and 12-bit operation, and setting camera parameters such as integration time, gain, and binning.
MS Macrosystem Nederland
Maarn, The Netherlands

Cameras aid industry

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IK-53N and IK-52N are monochrome 768 × 494-pixel, interline-transfer CCD cameras measuring 29 mm2 and weighing 45 g. Minimum subject illumination is 0.5 lux for the IK-53N and 0.4 lux for the IK-52N. The sensors provide a signal-to-noise ratio of 60 dB. Electronic shutter settings range from 1/100 to 1/10,000 s.
Toshiba America Information Systems
Irvine, CA, USA

Lights flood large areas

LALL 22 × 288-in. large-area LED lights provide high-intensity, nondiffused area illumination for up to 12-in.2 areas. The passively cooled lights come in enclosures that comply with NEMA 4X and IP-64 and have side-exit power cable for end-to-end mounting of multiple units. Both red and white lights have an expected lifetime of 50,000 h. Unit housing is 301.6 × 70.9 × 38.3 mm.
Weare, NH, USA

Intelligent camera has range

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IC 1280 is a monochrome camera with 1/2-in., 1280 × 1024-pixel CCD sensor capable of 18 frames/s and dynamic range of 55 dB. Interfaces include RS-232, CAN, IEEE-1284, and VGA. The camera is housed in a 100 × 65 × 43-mm package and weighs 550 g. It can be used as an area-scan, ROI, or linescan camera and comes with software libraries and application programs.
Tishawa Vision
Friedberg/Bay, Germany

Intensified camera captures more

HI-CAM F is a gated, intensified high-speed camera based on the VDS Vosskühler HCC-1000 F camera, coupled over fiberoptics to a hybrid image intensifier that enables high gain and output brightness, single-photo sensitivity, and gating down to 40 ns. The CMOS-based camera offers 6832 frames/s at 256 × 64 pixels; full input image format is 12.3 × 12.3 mm at 256 x 256 pixels. Photocathodes with spectral responses from the UV to near-IR are available. A 512-Mbyte image buffer provides 4.3 s of recording time at maximum speed. LVDS or FireWire interfaces are available, and camera and intensifier are control by RS-232 or USB ports.
Lambert Instruments
Leutingewolde, The Netherlands

Ethernet camera targets industry

Inca 320 is a smart Ethernet camera with a synchronous shutter sensor and speed of 27 full frames/s up to 500 partial frames/s from the 1280 × 1024-pixel CMOS sensor. Using a multislope technique, dynamic range is up to 100 dB. The Inca uses host-controlled programming and can operate in a stand-alone mode. It features a graphical environment and C/C++ library including real-time operating system support.
Philips CFT Industrial Vision
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Linescan sensor for industry

The DVL series of eight linescan cameras is available with 2048 to 7500 pixels and one trilinear color camera of 2098 pixels (DVLC2098K). Interfaces include RS-422, LVDS, and Camera Link. Input power ranges from 10 V to 24 V, and gain, offset, and filtering can be programmed by the RS-232 port. Options include electronic shutter, antiblooming, and several types of mounts, including C mount.
LORD Ingénierie
Corbreuse, France

System controls ROI

Fast Configuration, which offers dynamic control of regions of interest, is based on the MV-D1024-80CL CMOS camera from Photonfocus and the MicroEnable III frame grabber with FPGA coprocessor from Silicon Software. The programming system supports the definition and use of up to 100,000 ROIs, which can be individually defined, and controlled for overlapping areas, exposure dynamic, frame rate, and linear-logarithmic sensor line. The camera and frame grabber are both Camera Link compatible, and the serial communication interface has been modified for high speed.
Lachen, Switzerland

Silicon Software
Mannheim, Germany

Monitors mount anywhere

CyRAQ 24 LCD monitors can be used in rack-mounted portrait mode, panel mounted, VESA-mounted in portrait or landscape, and mounted on desktops in landscape mode. Screen is 1920 × 1200 pixels at 16 million colors and has 500:1 contrast ratio; seal between bezel and screen is NEMA 4X. Touch screens are optional. Pivot Pro software matches computer screen to mounting orientation and permits addition of video to computer images in landscape mode.
New Haven, CT, USA

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