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Sept. 1, 2003
Camera has built-in processor; Microsystem adds Camera Link; Camera offers high resolution; MORE...

Camera has built-in processor

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mvBlueLYNX smart PC camera contains a C-mount lens, 200-MHz processor, 32-Mbyte SDRAM, and 36-Mbyte Flash memory. It uses CMOS/CCD sensors with 640 × 480 gray-scale or color pixels, with 1024 × 1024 pixels optional. Key features include a 10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet LAN interface, VGA output, two serial interfaces, embedded Linux OS, and a 50 × 87 × 83-mm enclosure. PCI bus is used for DMA imaging data transfers into the processor's main memory.
Oppenweiler, Germany

Microsystem adds Camera Link

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IMPACT machine-vision microsystems incorporate the Camera Link interface for connectivity to linescan, color, and high-resolution cameras. System camera options include DSL5000 (640 × 480 at 40 frames/s), DSL5100 (640 × 480 at 60 frames/s), DSL5600 (640 × 480 at 40 frames/s and a digital microhead), and DSL7000 (1024 × 768 at 16 frames/s, digital). Systems measure 8 × 6.75 × 2.74 in., weigh 3.5 lb, and contain a 1300-MIPS processor and a 64-Mbyte Flash memory. They provide seven inputs, eight outputs, and three strobe outputs. Communication features cover Ethernet 10/100Base-T, serial at 115 kbits/s, and LAN/WAN connections. Inspection Builder software supplies a graphical user interface and more than a dozen image-processing functions.
Eden Prairie, MN, USA

Camera offers high resolution

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Adimec-4000m camera is a 4-Mpixel camera that uses an interline 2k × 2k CCD sensor with 7.4-µm sq pixels and high blue and NIR response. It comes in single-tap (4000m/S) or dual-tap (4000m/D) output mode that delivers eight or 16 progressive frames/s, respectively. Signal processing operates at 12 bits with defect pixel correction. Built-in test signal generator, Camera Link interface, and C-mount are provided. Sensitivity is 0.4 lux at 8X gain, dynamic range is >60 dB, and spectral response is 350 to 700 nm.
ADIMEC Advanced Image Systems bv
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Sensor offers high resolution

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AT71201M CCD, 16.8 million-pixel, full-frame area-array monochrome CCD sensor has a nominal photosensitive area of 4096 × 4096 sq pixels made up of 11 × 11-µm pixels. Its 100% aperture provides response bandwidth of up to 1100 nm.

The sensor is split into four independent zones that are separately driven by four clocks for use in up to 12 sensor modes. Two serial registers and four independent output amplifiers help deliver up to 8 frames/s using four outputs at 40 MHz. Binning modes include 1 × 1, 2 × 2, and 4 × 4 at 4096 × 4096, 2048 × 2048, and 1024 × 1024 pixels, respectively.
Atmel Corp.
Grenoble, France

Camera-board substitutes

Color 20K14X board camera is a direct mechanical replacement for the Panasonic GP-KX121 unit. The 22 × 26-mm, 1/4-in. CCD 20K14X camera offers 5 Vdc, CVBS 330 TV-line resolution, a digital YUV output, and 1.5-lux sensitivity. Software-controlled features include automatic or fixed gain, mirror-mode and noninterlaced scanning, automatic or fixed white balance, variable gamma transfer, and electronic iris or fixed shutter speed.
Videology Imaging Solutions
Greenville, RI, USA

Barcode reader squeaks

DataMouse hand-held barcode reader detects two-dimensional data-matrix codes on high-contrast labels and directly applied marks, including dot-peened, on a range of surfaces, such as steels, alloys, titanium, rubbers, plastics, and polished cylindrical parts, regardless of background color and texture. Audible 'squeak' indicates a completed code reading. The reader uses a CCD progressive-scan imaging sensor, a white light, and the company's Medusa software. USB interface sends nearly real-time images to a Windows-based GUI. Read data also can be transferred into Excel or Access.
Absolute Vision Ltd.
Meriden, UK

Camera adds FireWire

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Omega infrared camera comes with an optional FireWire interface. The camera measures 1.35 × 1.45 × 1.90 in., weighs 120 g, and consumes 1.5 W. It offers an instant turn-on time of 2 s from turn-on first image. Proprietary vanadium oxide microbolometer-detector focal-plane signal provides a thermal resolution of less than 40 mK when normalized to f/1.0. The camera provides both analog RS-170A (CCIR is optional) and 14-bit digital outputs. Automatic function switches into extended temperature range mode allowing scenes to be imaged in temperatures up to 400°C.
Indigo Systems
Goleta, CA, USA

Lens sees large area

Platinum Series 25-mm wide-angle lens provides a 42-mm image sensor format and a fixed f/8 aperture. It works with both F- and C-mounts, with diffraction limited to less than ±0.05% distortion from center to edge. Magnification can be varied from 0.1X to 0.5X without extensions, and the depth of field ranges from 31 mm at 0.1X to 2.2 mm at 0.5X. Resolution is 180 line pairs/mm.
Navitar Inc.
Rochester, NY, USA

Systems support range of cameras

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NetSight line of compact machine-vision systems supports Camera Link, progressive scan, and variable scan cameras. PCL version accommodates Camera Link Base configuration. PCP version handles one or two double-speed or megapixel ..analog cameras to process images in full or half time. PCV version supports up to four standard-format analog camera inputs. NetSight systems ship with the company's Sherlock graphical interface software and a library of machine-vision and pattern-matching tools.
Billerica, MA, USA

Software adds functions

The Sapera Processing 5 version of a Windows-based image-processing and analysis library is hardware-independent and includes new geometric-based tools for pattern recognition and alignment. Search geometric-location tool recognizes multiple objects and patterns, regardless of their orientation and scale and includes correlation- and geometric-based algorithms to achieve accuracies of up to 1/40 of a pixel. Image-processing tool provides filtering, geometry, measurement, morphology, point-to-point, segmentation, and transform operations. Software supports company hardware through the native services of Sapera LT and Imaging Studio.
Coreco Imaging
St. Laurent, QC, Canada

Software is updated

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VisionPro release 3.3 PC-based machine-vision systems incorporate new vision software tools to its array of machine-vision software to reduce setup time, improve process yield, and expand pattern training. Synthetic PatMax tool provides new options for training PatMax functions. It can generate reference models without relying on image data and import CAD (DXF) data, extract edges, or sketch free hand to create reference models. Using PatMax, the PatInspect defect-detection tool can determine differences in the object compared to a trained image. It ignores acceptable variations in appearance to avoid false rejects due to part rotation, scale changes, and lighting variations.
Cognex Corp.
Natick, MA, USA

Camera contains multiple CCDs

Series 900 mosaic camera accepts from nine to 16 scientific CCDs in a single camera head. Image resolutions range from 6k × 6k (38 Mpixels) when using a 3k × 3k array of 2k × 2k-pixel CCDs to 6k × 16k (268 Mpixels) when using an array of 4k × 4k-pixel CCDs. Optional array of fiberoptic tapers can be coupled to the CCDs for seamless imaging of areas up to 325 mm. Camera can read as many as four ports on each CCD simultaneously. Full frames rates run up to one frame/s with less than 10 e- noise.
Spectral Instruments
Tucson, AZ, USA

DSP board packs power

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C6713Compact DSP board uses a Texas Instruments TMS320C6713 floating-point DSP with a 20-bit address and 32-bit data buses, a Virtex-II FPGA, and dual FireWire communications ports. The processor runs at 225 MHz (up to 1800 ..MIPS or 1350 MFLOPS); the FPGA contains 256k, 512k, or 1M gates; and both FireWire ports deliver 400 Mbits/s. The 120 × 67-mm board comes with up to 64 Mbytes of 100-MHz SDRAM and 8 Mbytes of Flash EPROM and provides programmable DSP and FPGA as the respective bus master, depending on application needs.
Traquair Data Systems
Ithaca, NY, USA

CMOS camera uses FireWire

CSB4000F progressive-scan camera comes with a 12.2-sq mm, 2008 × 2047-pixel CMOS sensor. It uses both a standard shutter and a random trigger shutter with an external synchronous trigger signal for exposure control. In window-of-interest mode as many as 16 arbitrary areas can be read out at high frame rates. At full resolution, camera runs at 7.29 frames/s and can achieve 83 frames/s at VGA resolution. FireWire interface transfers image data at 400 Mbits/s. Camera measures 54 × 43 × 95 mm and weighs 220 g.
New Electronic Technology
Finning, Germany

Frame grabber captures NTSC

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Model 617 JPEG frame grabber combines the functions of a 16 × 4 video crosspoint switch, hardware JPEG compression, and I/O into a single PCI board. It captures interlaced NTSC at 30 frames/s and PAL at 25 frames/s and provides 16 video inputs, four real-time outputs, and 32 digital I/O lines. Four decoders minimize channel-to-channel switching delays. Software support includes a software-developer kit and drivers for Windows.
Tigard, OR, USA

Frame grabbers available in Europe

XSYS frame grabbers from PLD Applications are available in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. They come in PCI, PCI-X, PC104+, and Compact PCI form factors and sup-port up to four LVDS digital frame or linescan video sources, including multitap configurations. Optional mezzanine card supports the Camera Link Base, Medium, and Full configurations to 75 MHz. The boards feature 32- and 64-bit PCI bus master/target interface. Bus master mode performs transfers at rates to 1 Gbyte/s. Software support includes drivers and programming API for Windows 98/2000/NT/XP.
Kane Computing Ltd.
Northwich, Cheshire, UK

LED controller is automated

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Pro Ultra LED Controller is a regulated constant-current and variable-intensity light controller. It automatically recognizes the connected LED light head and needs no adjustments when changing ..heads. Automatic over-temperature protection, overdrive intensity mode, and single-knob light-intensity control adjust light output from 0% to 150%. Temperature indicator light warns of high-temperature conditions and indicates that 24-V power supply is connected and operating. Heavy-duty, grounded, metal industrial housing comes with mounting holes.
Auburn, NY, USA

Sensor chip aids cascading

PI3045 600-dpi contact image sensor chip accommodates sequential cascading of multiple sensors. Each 14,560 × 440-µm chip consists of 344 detector elements, multiplexing switches, buffers, and output amplifier. Maximum pixel output rate is 5 MHz, chip-to-chip uniformity is ±8.0%, and applied power is 5 Vdc at 5 mA.
Peripheral Imaging Corp.
San Jose, CA, USA

Sensor scans color/monochrome

Kodak KLI-4104 sensor can perform color and black-and-white imaging during the same scan. Its luminance channel accommodates four outputs, each running at 30 MHz or 120 million pixels/s; the color channels provides one output at 30 MHz. Individual electronic exposure controls for each channel allow sensor use under various lighting conditions. Sensor contains three rows of 4080 pixels, consisting of PIN diodes for improved sensitivity, low noise, and lag elimination. Rows are selectively covered with red, green, and blue signal readouts for color images. Fourth row has 8160 pixels for luminance information.
Eastman Kodak Co.
Rochester, NY, USA

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