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Aug. 1, 2003
Smart camera reads barcodes; Computer challenges hazards; Camera runs fast frame rates; MORE...

Smart camera reads barcodes

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Quadrus EZ smart camera combines a vision system and a laser scanner for decoding both linear barcodes and 2-D symbologies. Using patented technology, the field-of-view locator allows the user to align the reader to the symbol without the use of video monitors or a PC. After alignment, the user pushes the EZ button and the camera automatically calibrates on the symbol and can decode 60 codes/s. Video input/output and USB and Ethernet connections are included.
Microscan Systems Inc.
Renton, WA, USA

Computer challenges hazards

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Survivor-Wildcat is a 15-in.-diagonal, sunlight-readable, corrosion-resistant, flat-panel industrial computer that comes in a NEMA 4, environmentally sealed, aluminum-fabricated enclosure. It has Class I/Division 2, Group ABCD, Temp Code T4A, CE, UL, ATEX 3, and CSA approvals and operates from -40°C to +55°C. Computer offers a 1-GHz Pentium III processor, 512-Mbyte SDRAM, 40-Gbyte hard drive, two Type 2 PCMCIA slots, two RS-232 ports, PC104 slot, and a 100-dB alarm. It measures 16.9 × 19.8 × 8.1 in., withstands a 21G shock, and accommodates 10- to 500-Hz vibration. Software support includes Windows 2000/ XP/9x/EmbeddedNT and Linux.
Computer Dynamics
Greenville, SC, USA

Camera runs fast frame rates

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CDC-200 digital CMOS camera handles mixed-resolution applications using configurable ROI acquisition. It can deliver SXGA (1280 × 1024) images at up to 26 frames/s, VGA (640 × 480) images at up to 100 frames/s, and 320 × 240 images at up to 340 frames/s. Direct 1:1 digitized image conversion provides low-noise images with no pixel jitter. Key features include a 54-dB dynamic range, a minimum sensitivity of 10 lux at 26 frames/s, and 6.7-sq µm pixels.
Cognex Corp.
Natick, MA, USA

Carrier board aids system design

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NomadFIRE carrier board is a complete system board with video-capture capabilities. It serves as a rapid-prototyping platform for embedded imaging applications and provides three FireWire video ports for video data transmissions to 400 Mbits/s. A PCI-104-compliant connector provides PCI expansion to connect third-party image-acquisition and processing cards. LCD (CMOS and LVDS) and CRT interfaces offer connectivity to TFT LCD display panels and plug-n-play monitors, respectively. A CompactFlash Type II socket connects to removable solid-state storage devices for software upgrades and system recovery. Plug-N-Run module and a carrier board yield a portable embedded image processing system, capable of capturing and manipulating high-resolution images.
PFU Systems Inc.
Santa Clara, CA, USA

System controls motion

SmartMotion system, based on the company's SmartServo architecture, controls industrial robots and other multiaxis servo devices. It comes with a library of kinematics functions and motion algorithms, and, integrated with the AdeptVision sAVI Guidance option, addresses motion-control applications. Servo-control features include linear and backlash compensation, orthogonality compensation, split-axis drive, and adaptive servoing. FireWire-based control-bus connectivity to the PC provides real-time open architecture controls.
Adept Technology Inc.
Livermore, CA, USA

CMOS sensor shrinks size

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TCM8210MD 1/4-in. CMOS image sensor contains a 330,000-pixel (640 × 480) video graphics array and a 10-bit A/D converter and delivers 30 frames/s. It integrates color imaging and signal processing in a 10 × 10 × 5.8-mm module, operates from a 2.8-V power supply, and consumes 98 mW (typical). Digital outputs include either YUV = 4:2:2 or RGB = 5:6:5 (8-bit parallel). Host control uses an inter-IC (I2C) bus. A proprietary low-noise photodiode with a surface-shielded photodiode structure enables low leakage current and low dark current noise.
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.
San Jose, CA, USA

Software is updated

IDL version 6.0 adds Intelligent Tools, a set of interactive utilities that allow data analysis, visualization, and presentation graphics. IDL-Java Bridge ties Java classes into IDL applications for input/output, networking, and third-party functions. New operators include increment and decrement, compound assignment, and logical. IDL Virtual Machine is a free runtime utility that distributes compiled IDL code.
Research Systems Inc.
Boulder, CO, USA

Light shines brightly

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MHR-50 compact, metal-halide light source delivers bright, white light for machine-vision and microscopy applications. It provides a heavy-duty, grounded metal housing, built-in thermal shutdown, retractable handle, and detachable IEC cord. Soft-start "lamp saver" circuit assists in producing twice the light output of DDL lamps. Bulb lifetime is rated at 3500 hours average at 50 W. ..Thirteen-blade iris diaphragm with infinite settings can reduce light intensity while maintaining color temperature.
Schott Fostec
Auburn, NY, USA

Camera offers multiple interfaces

Model 1200 hs 10-bit CMOS camera consists of a compact camera head with up to 2 Gbytes of on-board image memory and an external power supply. It provides 1.3 million pixels for fast image capture at 625 frames/s for 1280 × 1024-pixel resolution and 1330 frames/s for 640 × 480-pixel resolution. Image recording runs at up to 1 Gbyte/s. A choice of Camera Link, FireWire, Ethernet, or USB 2.0 data interface is available. Exposure times are selectable from 1 µs to 100 ms. Double-shot sequence captures two full-resolution frames with a 100-ns interframe time.
The Cooke Corp.
Auburn Hills, MI, USA

Vision system packs features

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CVS-1454 compact vision system provides three FireWire camera inputs and a VGA output; controls triggers, lighting, and PLCs with 15 digital inputs and 14 digital outputs; and comes with Ethernet and RS-232 ports. Built-in processor uses 128-Mbyte DRAM and 32-Mbyte nonvolatile storage. Software support includes LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time Module, NI Vision Development Module, Vision Builder for Automated Inspection, and OCR.
National Instruments
Austin, TX, USA

Camera offers 5 Mpixels

SVS-282 color camera comes with a 2/3-in., progressive-scan, 2580 × 1944 square-pixel sensor. It delivers 10 frames/s and 10-bit RS-644 data output; a Camera Link interface is optional. Synchronization can be free-running or directed by an external trigger. Exposure is controlled by an RS-232 interface or an external sync pulse. Software support includes Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000 and the company's Convenient Cam.
SVS-Vistek GmbH
Seefeld, Germany

A/D converter blazes

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AD7686 16-bit, successive-approximation register A/D converter offers a signal-to-noise ratio of 89 dB (typical), no pipeline delays, a serial interface, a conversion clock, and a pin-for-pin upgrade with the company's PulSAR family. A short-aperture-delay track/hold circuit can sample an analog input range from 0 V to Vreference. Operational modes include 550 kSPS for asynchronous conversion rate uses, a 450-kSPS normal mode for low-power uses, and an impulse mode in which power consumption varies with throughput. Housed in a 5 × 3-mm package, it dissipates 20 mW with a 2.7-V supply.
Analog Devices
Norwood, MA, USA

Camera offers high frame rates

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VIT cam stand-alone camera weighs 0.85 kg and measures 71 × 71 × 97 mm. It comes in a rugged housing and can ..record up to 30 minutes of data using rechargeable batteries. It provides a 1280 × 1024-pixel CMOS sensor and can deliver up to 32,000 frames/s.
AOS Technologies AG
Baden-Daettwil, Switzerland

IR camera serves security

Ruby infrared imaging camera uses an uncooled micro-bolometer, 320 x 240-pixel focal plane array that operates in the 8- to 12-µm waveband and advanced image-processing algorithms. Thermal sensitivity of less than 80mK enables an intruder detection at a range of 1 km. Providing portability, light weight, and long-life rechargeable batteries, the camera provides binocular viewing, high brightness, and enhanced image contrast. Low-power and screen-saver modes are available. In addition to handheld operation, the camera can be installed onto tripods or masts and remotely controlled via a serial link.
CEDIP Infrared Systems
Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Software reduces design time

TracePro release 3.1 software targets illumination and optomechanical analysis. It features ACIS R10 ray-tracing algorithms featuring octree voxels and faceted spline surfaces, macro recorder, and incident ray table visualization. Faster audit and ray-tracing speeds up simulations by 20% to 100%. Measurement tools display distances from edge to edge, vertex to vertex, surface to surface, and combinations of these types. The IGES and STEP translators remember surface and object names on import and export.
Lambda Research Corp.
Littleton, MA, USA

PCI board uses six DSPs

Danube 6-PaC PCI board integrates six TS-201S TigerSHARCs DSPs running at up to 600 MHz, a Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA, a BittWare SharcFIN PCI bridge ASIC, SDRAM, and two PMC sites to deliver more than 20 GFLOPS, 3.6 GFLOPS of floating-point processing power, and 24 Mbits of RAM. Each DSP uses four LVDS link ports that deliver up to 1200 Mbytes/s each. The FPGA implements two more DSP link ports and eight RocketIO serial transceivers and supports external DIO, flags, and interrupts. Via the PCI bridge ASIC, the board interfaces to a 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI bus, supports up to two PMCs, and can operate as a PCI plug-in card.
BittWare Inc.
Concord, NH, USA

Smart camera reads marks

HawkEye 1500-series smart cameras perform data-matrix symbol and barcode readings of direct part marks. Read algorithms and lighting options help decode damaged, distorted, and high- and low-contrast symbols. Compact housing incorporates both lighting and optics for use in confined work areas. Patented QuicSet feature uses both laser targeting and audio feedback to align the reader without using an external monitor or PC. Distortion-free, dark-field illumination handles highly reflective parts.
Robotic Vision Systems Inc.
Nashua, NH, USA

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