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Oct. 1, 2001
CompactPCI enclosures feature hot-swap; Color LCD modules measure 6.4 in.; 3-D software improves microscopy images; Cooled CCD camera offers 3.2 Mpixels...
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CompactPCI enclosures feature hot-swap
The C08xx line of CompactPCI enclosures consists of the C0814 and C0877 enclosures. With up to 14 hot-swap SBCs, four hot-swap SCA SCSI hard drives, and four 200-W hot-swap power supplies, the C0814 is offered in an 8U optimally cooled enclosure. The C0877 version provides two independent seven-slot cluster systems in addition to the SCA SCSI hard drives and power supplies. The C08xx family of NEBS-compliant enclosures also includes three individually hot-swappable blowers and a hot-swappable fan array in a redundant push-pull configuration, optional PICMG 2.9 IPMI-compliant system-monitoring controller, optional PICMG 2.16-compliant backplane, and ac or dc single/dual input power supplies. All critical modules on the C0814 are front accessible and fully hot-swappable. The C0814 supports full I/O card hot-swap to PICMG 2.1 R2.0, a 4-SCA hot-swap SCSI disk array, and N+1 redundant hot-swap power supplies. I-Bus/Phoenix, San Diego, CA 92123; (858) 503-3000.

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Color LCD modules measure 6.4 in.
Optrex 6.4-in color LCD is available in both digital and composite types. The digital interface provides VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels), incorporates two cold-cathode fluorescent lamps for a brightness of 300 nits, and has a contrast ratio of 120:1. An analog composite video TFT module is available for applications such as automotive or security surveillance systems. Several interface options are available, including an integrated NTSC format decoder board, PAL format decoder board, or NTSC/PAL decoder board. Optrex America, Plymouth, MI 48170; (734) 416-8500.

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3-D software improves microscopy images
A 3-D deconvolution software module for fluorescence microscopy offers automatic reading of all recording parameters from image data, preview of a region-of-interest function, and deconvolving the image with an automatic calculation stop when the optimum image quality has been achieved. In addition, all of the fluorescence channels and timepoints of time-lapse images can be calculated sequentially, either individually or as a whole. With nearest neighbor, regularized inverted filter, and iterative maximum likelihood algorithms, users can choose from three methods that range from fast preselection to a calculation for maximum image quality. Image-acquisition functions include Z-stacks, multichannel recording, and time-lapse imaging. Carl Zeiss, Thornwood, NY 10594; (800) 233-2343.

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Cooled CCD camera offers 3.2 Mpixels
The Photometrics SenSys:3200E features more than 3.2 million pixels using a 12-bit CCD and a full-frame architecture to boost quantum efficiency, particularly in the blue-green and near-infrared regions of the spectrum. Like other Photometrics SenSys cameras, the SenSys:3200E requires no controller unit and is available in either a C-mount or an F-mount configuration. The camera uses cooled CCD technology to optimize sensitivity. A PCI card and software package are included with the system. To accommodate application development, a C-library interface is also available. Roper Scientific, Tucson, AZ 85706; (520) 889-9933.

Area x-ray detectors Advanced Photonix has introduced a series of x-ray detectors, based on their proprietary large-area avalanche photodiode (LAAPD) technology. Each detector module consists of a windowless, thermoelectrically cooled, 5-mm-diameter LAAPD, a charge sensitive preamplifier board, and a mounting plate that serves as a heat sink for the thermoelectric cooler. The detectors can be used for direct detection and spectrometry of beta particles and low-energy x-rays or, when coupled with scintillators, for sensing gamma rays and higher-energy x-rays. Other active area sizes, including 3-, 10-, and 16-mm diameter, are also available. Advanced Photonix, Camarillo, CA 93012-8727, (805) 987-0146

Software adds barcode reading Halcon 6.01, the latest release of MVTec machine-vision library adds functions such as barcode reading for Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, and support for the two- and five-digit add-on codes for EAN and UPC barcodes. The software runs under Windows/2000, Intel's Linux, Solaris, UNIX, Tru64, and Philips Trimedia operating systems. With more than 900 machine-vision operators, the latest revision also features speed improvements for rank and median filters and shape-matching functions. Leutrek Vision, Burlington, MA 01803; (781) 238-0213.

PC/104+ CPU targets embedded applications Model 301 is a PC/104+ CPU that features a form factor of 3.8 x 3.6 in. and an on-board AMD Elan SC520 processor running at 133 MHz. The board is supplied with 16 Mbytes of SDRAM and two serial (RS-232) ports supporting communication speeds of up to 115 Kbyte/s and supports both PC/104 and PC/104+ expansion buses. It allows up to four external PC/104+ devices. A 10/100Base-T Ethernet adapter is integrated on the Model 301 board. The 301 includes an 8-Mbyte flash disk that appears to the software as a regular hard drive. A socket is provided for an optional DiskOnChip (a 3-V part is required). Sensoray Company, Tigard, OR 97223; (503) 684-8005.

CompactPCI board packs Pentium power Based on the 3U CompactPCI form factor, the ICP-III CPU features a 256-kbyte SDRAM and a 700-MHz Pentium processor. With two Ethernet, FireWire, USB ports, the board can also be equipped with DVI (PanelLink) or GigaStar interface modules. Measuring 160 x 100 mm, the board is equipped with ATI's Radeon-VE graphics controller that features real-time MPEG-2 decoding capability. Priced at $1400 for quantities of 1000 or more, the board supports extended temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C. Inova Computers, Hyannis, MA 02601; (508) 771-4415.

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Process-control software monitors and charts Containing more than 20 new features for charting, pop-up warnings, and USB-based measurement devices, the Synergy 2000 statistical process-control software is designed for mission-critical plant computing environments. The software includes facilities for real-time data collection, charting, monitoring, and analysis across geographically distributed facilities. Running under all of Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating systems, including Windows XP, a free sample of the software can be downloaded from the Internet at Zontec, Cincinnati, OH 45240; (513) 648.0088.

Motor sports optical encoder An integrated optical encoder is available as an option for the Mdrive23 high-torque integrated motor/driver. The optional factory-installed optical encoder includes single-end and differential-end configurations, multiple resolutions, and an index mark on each encoder. All Mdrive23 versions use a NEMA23 frame size 1.8° motor combined with a microstepping drive and can accept up to 14 resolution settings from 1/2 to 256 microsteps per step. Setup parameters can be changed on-the-fly or downloaded and stored in nonvolatile memory. Intelligent Motion Systems, Marlborough, CT 06447; (860) 295-6102.

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Digital radar recorder also displays Designed for use in applications including radar-system testing and training and simulation, the Centurion, a PCI COTS-based digital radar recorder and display unit, is a self-contained, menu-controlled system with a built-in radar display. It supports analog input with standard ACP/ARP interfaces and digital input from the Northrop Grumman Norden Systems ASDE-3 (airport surface detection equipment) radar. Centurion records data digitally to a hard disk, and, as well as displaying the recorded data, the board can reconstruct the recorded radar signal. This feature is useful for test applications where the reconstructed signal is fed into the system under test or replayed into existing display consoles. Centurion is available in two different configurations—as a stand-alone system packaged in a rugged, transportable enclosure or as a board that can be rack-mounted in an equipment bay and fitted with an RS232 or network interface. Primagraphics, Litlington, Nr. Royston, Herts SG8 0SS, England; (44) 1763 852222.

Storage system exceeds 1-Gbyte/s recording and playback The PCI-816XF real-time storage system provides a 64-bit PCI interface, an FPDP interface, and sustained recording and playback at speeds of 200 Mbytes/s. The PCI-816XF is designed for applications including video, digital cinematography, simulation, and radar. With an onboard real time operating system, StreamStor supports direct data transfers from the acquisition source and dynamic memory allocation—overcoming bottlenecks common to RAID-type storage systems for real-time recording and playback. With the FPDP interface, customers can connect their data source directly into the storage system. Boulder Instruments, Longmont, CO 80501; (303) 485-2721.

Video link uses fiberoptics Opticlink provides a method of transmitting digital video up to 10 km using fiberoptic cables. The system is a transparent, manufacturer-independent method of communicating between any digital video source (such as a camera) and any host system. It supports area- and line-scan cameras and all digital video standards, including LVDS (RS-644)/RS-422 or Camera Link (Channel Link). An Opticlink system comprises two converters—one converting digital signals to fiberoptic and the other converting fiberoptic signals to digital. Two versions are available supporting multimode and single-mode fiber. RS-232 communications are also included for camera control. Kane Computing, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 5HB, England; +44 (0)1606 351006

Imaging software adds features Version 4.5 of Image-Pro Plus provides a way to acquire, process, and analyze images on a single computer or across an entire network. This latest update to Image-Pro Plus adds extended depth of field (EDF), color composite, large spectral filters (LSF), collocalization, and sequence gallery functions. EDF allows multiple z-stack images into one composite image, a tool for researchers who acquire images of large objects that cannot be completely examined in one plane when viewed through a microscope. Large kernel filter sizes (up to 4000 x 4000) are supported with LSF. With the sequence gallery, a sequence collection can be viewed as a single gallery of thumbnail images. This can be used to preview image analysis operations before applying them to an entire sequence. Media Cybernetics, Silver Spring, MD; (301) 495-3305.

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Digital system records video and computer data Capable of capturing, compressing, and storing images up to 1280 x 1024 pixels, the system is designed for applications in simulation and training, command-and-control, and monitoring. In operation, the DGx accepts up to four image sources for recording to digital tape or disk. Inputs can be computer, radar, and other high-scan-rate video signals up to 1280 x 1024 resolution. Recording of NTSC/PAL video signals is available, as is stereo audio. The DGx digitizes inputs in real time and plays back from 6 to 25 frames/s, depending on image resolution. It can handle up to four images simultaneously, which simplifies the task of synchronized playback since all inputs are multiplexed on a single storage device. On playback, up to four images can be displayed on a single monitor, or viewed simultaneously on two separate monitors. Three-hour recording times are available using digital tape. RGB Spectrum, Alameda, CA 94501; (510) 814-7000.

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LED Lighting targets machine vision LED illumination lightheads including ringlights, backlights, and spotlights that can be monitored to detect intensity and temperature fluctuations include a matrix plate heat sink to dissipate heat build-up for improving light output and extending component life. The lightheads are driven by controllers that offer dimming, remote on/off, strobing, and warning indicator lights. The Pro LE controller and Ultra LX interface have constant current output for improved light stability. Schott-Fostec, Auburn, NY 13021; (315) 255-2791.

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