PPT Vision's 16-Mpixel camera offers wide field of view

Aug. 8, 2012
The M-Series 16-Mpixel camera from PPT Vision, supported by version 10.4 of the Impact software suite, is GigE-compatible.

The M-Series 16-Mpixel camera, supported by version 10.4 of the Impact software suite, is GigE-compatible. It enables inspections with high resolution and a wide field of view (FOV). Class 1 CCD sensors, industrial-grade construction, thermal management capabilities, and low noise performance in applications such as flat-panel LCD and PCB inspections, as well as printing processes. New image-saving and image-filtering tools, as well as a new calibration mode, are available with the upgraded image-processing software.
PPT Vision, a Datalogic company
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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PPT Vision Announces 16-Megapixel Camera and Impact Software Update

Minneapolis – PPT Vision has added a 16-megapixel camera, supported by an updated version of its Impact Software Suite, it was announced today. These enhancements extend the popular M-Series embedded vision family of high-performance cameras, powered by PPT Vision’s flexible, configurable Impact Software.

The GigE-compatible, 16-megapixel camera is designed for inspections that require a high-resolution, superior-quality image and a wide field of view. This rugged model will withstand the rigors of manufacturing settings with exceptional resolution and quality. Typical applications include flat-panel LCD and PCB inspections or printing processes where high image quality and a wide field of view are required. Features include: outstanding image quality, with Class 1 CCD sensors; industrial-grade construction and testing; exceptional thermal management and low noise performance, and; precise alignment of a large sensor, with less than .1-millimeter variance.

Powered by PPT
PPT also announced Version 10.4 of its Impact Software Suite to support the new 16-megapixel camera and the full M-Series embedded vision system today. A new, simpler interface in Version 10.4 makes navigation easy, with faster, more efficient image-saving and image-filtering tools. And, a new calibration mode is now available for user-entered, point-to-point calibration.

“We continue to pursue the latest camera technologies and to expand our software to meet the needs of more sophisticated machine vision applications,” said Andy Monteith, vice president of business development for PPT Vision. “The 16-megapixel camera responds to a growing demand in high-tech and publishing industries for high-performance inspections, powered by PPT’s industry-leading software.”

More About PPT Vision
PPT Vision, a Datalogic company, develops and markets expert machine vision solutions for global markets, including automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics and general manufacturing operations. For more information, visit pptvision.com or call 952-996-9500.

PPT Vision Inc., 6301 West Old Shakopee Road, Minneapolis, MN 55438
P: 952-996-9500
F: 952-996-9501


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