Adept Technology receives $2.5M order for vision-guided robots

JULY 30, 2009--A global consumer electronics manufacturer selects Adept as an automation partner.

JULY 30, 2009--Adept Technology (Pleasanton, CA, USA;, a provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics and global robotics services, has received a $2.5 million dollar order for vision-guided robots from an international consumer electronics manufacturer. The order is expected to be fulfilled and recognized as revenue this first fiscal quarter of 2010. The company selected Adept Technology as its automation partner to provide high-speed vision-guided robot systems for precision handling and assembly operations.

"The mechanisms involved in this order will be installed in Asia as part of a major capacity expansion program," says Hai Chang, managing director of Asia operations for Adept Technology. "With the significant impact of the global downturn on the semiconductor and electronics industries and Asian manufacturing output, we are cautiously optimistic that this recent business and other positive signs in the sector point toward the start of a steady recovery. We are greatly pleased to have this opportunity to continue to serve and support this important global customer and their manufacturing operations."

-- Posted by Vision Systems Design,

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