Datalogic releases LED-based industrial illuminators

Nov. 10, 2010
Datalogic Automation has announced the IML LED-based industrial illuminator series.


Datalogic Automation (Bologna, Italy) is pleased to announce the new IML industrial illuminator series. The devices, based on LED technology, represent an excellent alternative to the traditional neon lighting thanks to their long life (40,000 hours) and high operating efficiency.

Thanks to the compact dimensions, the new illuminators can be placed even in extremely narrow spaces thus guaranteeing the maximum installation flexibility. The IML series is available in four different formats (64, 140, 260, 510 mm) and in two different versions (white or transparent front cover).

The IML series has been developed in order to meet all the machine illumination requirements. The new Machinery Directive 2066/42/CE states that “machinery must be supplied with integral lighting suitable for the operations concerned where the absence thereof is likely to cause a risk despite ambient lighting of normal intensity. […] Internal parts requiring frequent inspection and adjustment, and maintenance areas must be provided with appropriate lighting.”

The IML illuminators can be also used as external illuminators for code reading and quality inspection applications (especially when a diffuse and uniform lighting is needed) even if they have not been specifically designed for machine vision solutions.

Datalogic Automation is one of the major worldwide manufacturers of automatic identification, detection and marking solutions for the industrial automation sector. The Datalogic Automation product range guarantees product focalization aimed at satisfying specific customer applications as well as offering a very wide and complete product range for Factory Automation, particularly in the following industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food & beverage, tobacco, electronics & solar, general manufacturing.

Source: Datalogic Automation

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